Sends an (Edje) message to a given Edje object

This function sends an Edje message to obj and to all of its child objects, if it has any (swallowed objects are one kind of child object). Only a few types are supported: - int, - float/double, - string/stringshare, - arrays of int, float, double or strings.

Messages can go both ways, from code to theme, or theme to code.

The id argument as a form of code and theme defining a common interface on message communication. One should define the same IDs on both code and EDC declaration, to individualize messages (binding them to a given context).

Since 1.22


message_send @pure_virtual {
    params {
        @in id: int;
        @in msg: const(any_value);

C signature

void efl_layout_signal_message_send(Eo *obj, int id, const Eina_Value msg);


  • id (in) - A identification number for the message to be sent
  • msg (in) - The message's payload

Implemented by