An HTTP Header.

Do not assume strings are Eina_Stringshare and they may be NULL. The key and value should not include any trailing whitespace.

There is a special case for response headers when "allow_redirects" is enabled, in that case efl_net_dialer_http_response_headers_all_get() will return some items with key being NULL, that notifies of a new request as described in the value "HTTP/1.1 200 Ok".


  • key - for response headers this may be null to indicate a new request response, then the value will be a line such as 'HTTP/1.1 200 Ok'
  • value - Header value


struct Efl.Net.Http.Header {
    key: free(string, free);
    value: free(string, free);

C signature

typedef struct _Efl_Net_Http_Header {
    const char *key;
    const char *value;
} Efl_Net_Http_Header;