Inserts subobj BEFORE the sub-object at position index.

index ranges from -count to count-1, where positive numbers go from first sub-object (0) to last (count-1), and negative numbers go from last sub-object (-1) to first (-count). count is the number of sub-objects currently in the container as returned by Efl.Container.content_count.

If index is less than -count, it will trigger Efl.Pack_Linear.pack_begin whereas index greater than count-1 will trigger Efl.Pack_Linear.pack_end.

When this container is deleted, it will request deletion of the given subobj. Use Efl.Pack.unpack to remove subobj from this container without deleting it.

Since 1.23

Overridden from Efl.Pack_Linear.pack_at.


pack_at @pure_virtual {
    params {
        @in subobj: Efl.Gfx.Entity;
        @in index: int;
    return: bool;

C signature

Eina_Bool efl_pack_at(Eo *obj, Efl_Gfx_Entity *subobj, int index);


  • subobj (in) - Object to pack.
  • index (in) - Index of existing sub-object to insert BEFORE. Valid range is -count to count-1).

Implemented by