Add callbacks that will be triggered when someone ask for the specified property name when getting or setting a property.

A get or set should at least be provided for this call to succeed.

See Efl.Ui.View_Model.property_logic_del

Since 1.23


property_logic_add @beta {
    params {
        @in property: string;
        @in get: EflUiViewModelPropertyGet;
        @in set: EflUiViewModelPropertySet;
        @in binded: iterator<string>;
    return: Eina.Error;

C signature

Eina_Error efl_ui_view_model_property_logic_add(Eo *obj, const char *property, EflUiViewModelPropertyGet get, EflUiViewModelPropertySet set, Eina_Iterator *binded);


  • property (in) - The property to bind on to.
  • get (in) - Define the get callback called when the Efl.Model.property.get is called with the above property name.
  • set (in) - Define the set callback called when the Efl.Model.property.set is called with the above property name.
  • binded (in) - Iterator of property name to bind with this defined property see Efl.Ui.View_Model.property_bind.

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