Efl.Ui.Scroll.Manager (class)


Efl ui scroll manager class


Efl.Object (class)

Full hierarchy


bar_mode (get, set) [Overridden from Efl.Ui.Scrollbar]

Scrollbar visibility policy
void efl_ui_scrollbar_bar_mode_get(const Eo *obj, Efl_Ui_Scrollbar_Mode *hbar, Efl_Ui_Scrollbar_Mode *vbar);
void efl_ui_scrollbar_bar_mode_set(Eo *obj, Efl_Ui_Scrollbar_Mode hbar, Efl_Ui_Scrollbar_Mode vbar);

bar_position (get, set) [Overridden from Efl.Ui.Scrollbar]

Scrollbar position. It is calculated based on current position-maximum positions.
void efl_ui_scrollbar_bar_position_get(const Eo *obj, double *posx, double *posy);
void efl_ui_scrollbar_bar_position_set(Eo *obj, double posx, double posy);

bar_size (get) [Overridden from Efl.Ui.Scrollbar]

Scrollbar size. It is calculated based on viewport size-content sizes.
void efl_ui_scrollbar_bar_size_get(const Eo *obj, double *width, double *height);

bounce_enabled (get, set) [Overridden from Efl.Ui.Scrollable.Interactive]

Bouncing behavior
void efl_ui_scrollable_bounce_enabled_get(const Eo *obj, Eina_Bool *horiz, Eina_Bool *vert);
void efl_ui_scrollable_bounce_enabled_set(Eo *obj, Eina_Bool horiz, Eina_Bool vert);

constructor [Overridden from Efl.Object]

Call the object's constructor.
Efl_Object *efl_constructor(Eo *obj);

content_pos (get, set) [Overridden from Efl.Ui.Scrollable.Interactive]

The content position
Eina_Position2D efl_ui_scrollable_content_pos_get(const Eo *obj);
void efl_ui_scrollable_content_pos_set(Eo *obj, Eina_Position2D pos);

content_size (get) [Overridden from Efl.Ui.Scrollable.Interactive]

The content size
Eina_Size2D efl_ui_scrollable_content_size_get(const Eo *obj);

destructor [Overridden from Efl.Object]

Call the object's destructor.
void efl_destructor(Eo *obj);

gravity (get, set) [Overridden from Efl.Ui.Scrollable.Interactive]

Control scrolling gravity on the scrollable
void efl_ui_scrollable_gravity_get(const Eo *obj, double *x, double *y);
void efl_ui_scrollable_gravity_set(Eo *obj, double x, double y);

looping (get, set) [Overridden from Efl.Ui.Scrollable.Interactive]

Controls an infinite loop for a scroller.
void efl_ui_scrollable_looping_get(const Eo *obj, Eina_Bool *loop_h, Eina_Bool *loop_v);
void efl_ui_scrollable_looping_set(Eo *obj, Eina_Bool loop_h, Eina_Bool loop_v);

match_content (set) [Overridden from Efl.Ui.Scrollable.Interactive]

Prevent the scrollable from being smaller than the minimum size of the content.
void efl_ui_scrollable_match_content_set(Eo *obj, Eina_Bool w, Eina_Bool h);

mirrored (get, set) [Overridden from Efl.Ui.Base]

Whether this object should be mirrored.
Eina_Bool efl_ui_mirrored_get(const Eo *obj);
void efl_ui_mirrored_set(Eo *obj, Eina_Bool rtl);

movement_block (get, set) [Overridden from Efl.Ui.Scrollable.Interactive]

Blocking of scrolling (per axis)
Efl_Ui_Scroll_Block efl_ui_scrollable_movement_block_get(const Eo *obj);
void efl_ui_scrollable_movement_block_set(Eo *obj, Efl_Ui_Scroll_Block block);

scroll [Overridden from Efl.Ui.Scrollable.Interactive]

Show a specific virtual region within the scroller content object.
void efl_ui_scrollable_scroll(Eo *obj, Eina_Rect rect, Eina_Bool animation);

scroll_freeze (get, set) [Overridden from Efl.Ui.Scrollable.Interactive]

Freeze property This function will freeze scrolling movement (by input of a user). Unlike efl_ui_scrollable_movement_block_set, this function freezes bidirectionally. If you want to freeze in only one direction, See Efl.Ui.Scrollable.Interactive.movement_block.set.
Eina_Bool efl_ui_scrollable_scroll_freeze_get(const Eo *obj);
void efl_ui_scrollable_scroll_freeze_set(Eo *obj, Eina_Bool freeze);

scroll_hold (get, set) [Overridden from Efl.Ui.Scrollable.Interactive]

Hold property When hold turns on, it only scrolls by holding action.
Eina_Bool efl_ui_scrollable_scroll_hold_get(const Eo *obj);
void efl_ui_scrollable_scroll_hold_set(Eo *obj, Eina_Bool hold);

viewport_geometry (get) [Overridden from Efl.Ui.Scrollable.Interactive]

The viewport geometry
Eina_Rect efl_ui_scrollable_viewport_geometry_get(const Eo *obj);

bar_visibility_update protected [Overridden from Efl.Ui.Scrollbar]

Update bar visibility.
void efl_ui_scrollbar_bar_visibility_update(Eo *obj);

pan (set) protected

This is the internal canvas object managed by scroll manager.
void efl_ui_scroll_manager_pan_set(Eo *obj, Efl_Canvas_Object *pan);


allow_parent_unref (get, set) Allow an object to be deleted by unref even if it has a parent.
children_iterator_new Get an iterator on all childrens
comment (get, set) A human readable comment for the object
composite_attach Make an object a composite object of another.
composite_detach Detach a composite object from another object.
composite_part_is Check if an object is part of a composite object.
debug_name_override Build a read-only name for this object used for debugging.
del Unrefs the object and reparents it to NULL.
event_callback_forwarder_add Add an event callback forwarder for an event and an object.
event_callback_forwarder_del Remove an event callback forwarder for an event and an object.
event_callback_stop Stop the current callback call.
event_freeze Freeze events of object.
event_freeze_count (get) Return freeze events of object.
class event_global_freeze Freeze events of object.
class event_global_freeze_count (get) Return freeze events of object.
class event_global_thaw Thaw events of object.
event_thaw Thaw events of object.
finalize Called at the end of efl_add. Should not be called, just overridden.
finalized (get) True if the object is already finalized, otherwise false.
name (get, set) The name of the object.
name_find Find a child object with the given name and return it.
parent (get, set) The parent of an object.
provider_find Searches upwards in the object tree for a provider which knows the given class/interface.
language (get, set) The (human) language for this object.
mirrored_automatic (get, set) Whether the property Efl.Ui.Base.mirrored should be set automatically.



callback,add A callback was added.
callback,del A callback was deleted.
del Object is being deleted.
destruct Object has been fully destroyed. It can not be used beyond this point. This event should only serve to clean up any dangling pointer.
edge,down Called when hitting the bottom edge
edge,left Called when hitting the left edge
edge,right Called when hitting the right edge
edge,up Called when hitting the top edge
scroll Called when scrolling
scroll,anim,start Called when scroll animation starts
scroll,anim,stop Called when scroll animation stopps
scroll,down Called when scrolling downwards
scroll,drag,start Called when scroll drag starts
scroll,drag,stop Called when scroll drag stops
scroll,left Called when scrolling left
scroll,right Called when scrolling right
scroll,start Called when scroll operation starts
scroll,stop Called when scroll operation stops
scroll,up Called when scrolling upwards
bar,drag Called when bar is dragged
bar,hide Called when bar is hidden
bar,pos,changed Called when bar position is changed
bar,press Called when bar is pressed
bar,show Callend when bar is shown
bar,size,changed Called when bar size is changed
bar,unpress Called when bar is unpressed