Get the "simple" geometry of a range.

The geometry is the geometry in which rectangles in middle lines of range are merged into one big rectangle. This is an optimized version of Efl.Canvas.Text.range_geometry_get.

Since 1.19


range_simple_geometry_get {
    params {
        @in cur1: ptr(const(Efl.Text.Cursor.Cursor));
        @in cur2: ptr(const(Efl.Text.Cursor.Cursor));
    return: free(iterator<ptr(free(Eina.Rect, eina_rectangle_free))>, eina_iterator_free);

C signature

Eina_Iterator *efl_canvas_text_range_simple_geometry_get(Eo *obj, const Efl_Text_Cursor_Cursor *cur1, const Efl_Text_Cursor_Cursor *cur2);


  • cur1 (in) - Start of range
  • cur2 (in) - End of range

Implemented by

  • Efl.Canvas.Text.range_simple_geometry_get