Forces writing all pending data to destination.

It will return true if Efl.Io.Buffered_Stream.pending_read drops to zero, false otherwise and more calls to flush must be made.

If the Efl.Io.Buffered_Stream.inner_io implements Efl.Io.Closer and it is closed or the wrapper itself's closed, this function will do nothing and return true.

@note this function may block the main loop execution until operations are complete! This is bad for usability as the user interface or other operations may freeze. A better approach is to operate asynchronously and wait for the "write,finished" event.

Since 1.19


flush {
    params {
        @in may_block: bool;
        @in ignore_line_delimiter: bool;
    return: bool (true);

C signature

Eina_Bool efl_io_buffered_stream_flush(Eo *obj, Eina_Bool may_block, Eina_Bool ignore_line_delimiter);


Implemented by

  • Efl.Io.Buffered_Stream.flush