Connects to this access point.

This connection will happen asynchronously in the background, with results being delivered by events in the access point object, such as the "changed".

Successful connections will remember the device and set it to auto-connect using the property Efl.Net.Control.Access_Point.auto_connect.

See Efl.Net.Control.Access_Point.forget, Efl.Net.Control.Access_Point.remembered, Efl.Net.Control.Access_Point.auto_connect and Efl.Net.Control.Access_Point.disconnect

The future may fail with non-fatal errors such as EINPROGRESS (the connection was already ongoing) and EALREADY (the connection was already established).

Since 1.19


connect {
    return: ptr(Eina.Future);

C signature

Eina_Future *efl_net_control_access_point_connect(Eo *obj);

Implemented by

  • Efl.Net.Control.Access_Point.connect