Returns an iterator to the key-value pairs for the last response headers.

Since multiple requests can occur if Efl.Net.Dialer.Http.allow_redirects is true, then all headers will be accumulated. This method returns only the headers for the last request.

To list all the headers, check Efl.Net.Dialer.Http.response_headers_all_get.

This will be usable after the "headers,done" event is dispatched.

Since 1.19


response_headers_get {
    return: free(iterator<ptr(Efl.Net.Http.Header)>, eina_iterator_free) @warn_unused;

C signature

Eina_Iterator *efl_net_dialer_http_response_headers_get(Eo *obj);

Implemented by

  • Efl.Net.Dialer.Http.response_headers_get