Creates an object given family, port and address.

This is a convenience to create an object in a single call. To create based on 'struct sockaddr', see Efl.Net.Ip_Address.create_sockaddr. To create from string, see Efl.Net.Ip_Address.parse.

Since 1.19


create @class {
    params {
        @in port: uint16;
        @in address: const(Eina.Slice);
    return: free(Efl.Net.Ip_Address, efl_del);

C signature

Efl_Net_Ip_Address *efl_net_ip_address_create(Efl_Class *klass, uint16_t port, const Eina_Slice address);


  • port (in) - Port number in Host/Native endianess
  • address (in) - Address bytes. If 4 bytes, AF_INET will be used. If 16 bytes, AF_INET6 will be used. All other sizes will result in failure.

Implemented by

  • Efl.Net.Ip_Address.create