Adopt an Efl.Net.Dialer or regular Efl.Net.Socket that will be used for the actual communication.

If used with an Efl.Net.Dialer object, it will assume the 'connect' role, otherwise will use 'accept'.

This is a constructor only method and should be called before Efl.Object.finalize.

Since 1.19


adopt {
    params {
        @in efl_net_socket: free(Efl.Net.Socket, efl_del);
        @in ctx: free(Efl.Net.Ssl.Context, efl_del);

C signature


  • efl_net_socket (in) - The socket to adopt
  • ctx (in) - The SSL context to use when adopting the socket

Implemented by

  • Efl.Net.Socket.Ssl.adopt