Register a new item in the graph.

parent can not be null, it will be used as the parent in the logical tree. redirect will be set as redirect property on that manager, once child gets focused.

Since 1.20


register {
    params {
        @in child: free(Efl.Ui.Focus.Object, efl_del) @nonull;
        @in parent: free(Efl.Ui.Focus.Object, efl_del) @nonull;
        @in redirect: free(Efl.Ui.Focus.Manager, efl_del);
    return: bool;

C signature


  • child (in) - The object to register
  • parent (in) - The parent to use in the logical tree
  • redirect (in) - The redirect manager to set once this child is focused can be NULL for no redirect

Implemented by

  • Efl.Ui.Focus.Manager.Calc.register