Append an item filter function for text inserted in the Multibuttonentry

Append the given callback to a list. This function is called whenever any text is inserted into the Multibuttonentry, with the text to be inserted as a parameter. The callback function is free to alter the text in any way it wants but must free the given pointer and update it. If the new text is to be discarded, the function can free it and set it text parameter to NULL. This will also prevent any following filters from being called.


item_filter_append {
    params {
        @in func: Elm_Multibuttonentry_Item_Filter_Cb;
        @in data: void_ptr;

C signature

void efl_ui_multibuttonentry_item_filter_append(Eo *obj, Elm_Multibuttonentry_Item_Filter_Cb func, void *data);


  • func (in) - The function to use as item filter
  • data (in) - User data to pass to func

Implemented by

  • Efl.Ui.Multibuttonentry.item_filter_append