Add a new item to the multibuttonentry before the indicated object reference.

See Elm.Widget.Item.del to delete the item.


item_insert_before {
    params {
        @in before: free(Elm.Widget.Item, efl_del);
        @in label: free(string, free);
        @in func: Evas_Smart_Cb @optional;
        @in data: void_ptr @optional;
    return: free(Elm.Widget.Item, efl_del);

C signature

Elm_Widget_Item *efl_ui_multibuttonentry_item_insert_before(Eo *obj, Elm_Widget_Item *before, const char *label, Evas_Smart_Cb func, void *data);


  • before (in) - The item before which to add it
  • label (in) - The label of new item
  • func (in) - The callback function to be invoked when this item is pressed.
  • data (in) - The pointer to the data to be attached

Implemented by

  • Efl.Ui.Multibuttonentry.item_insert_before