Ctxpopup Widgets

Ctxpopup is a contextual popup, which can show a list of items.

Table of Contents

Adding a Ctxpopup

A ctxpopup can be created with elm_ctxpopup_add() and when shown, it automatically chooses an area inside its parent object's view (set via elm_ctxpopup_hover_parent_set()) to optimally fit into it.

Evas_Object *ctxpopup = elm_ctxpopup_add(parent);

Configuring Ctxpopup

The context popup orientation can be set with elm_ctxpopup_horizontal_set(). Here we set it to horizontal.

elm_ctxpopup_horizontal_set(ctxpopup, EINA_TRUE);

We can also disable auto hiding if we want the ctxpopup never to be hidden. (Auto hide is enabled by default.)

elm_ctxpopup_auto_hide_disabled_set(ctxpopup, EINA_TRUE);

Managing Ctxpopup Items

The ctxpopup can contain a small number of items. Each of them can have a label and an icon. Here we append an item with the “Test” label and no icon.

Elm_Object_Item *it = elm_ctxpopup_item_append(ctxpopup, "test", NULL, _ctxpopup_item_cb, NULL);

The _ctxpopup_item_cb() callback will be called when the item is clicked. This is how to write the definition of this callback.

static void
_ctxpopup_item_cb(void *data, Evas_Object *obj, void *event_info)
   printf("ctxpopup item selected\n");

Then the item label is set to “New label”.

elm_object_item_part_text_set(it, "default", "New label");

And its icon is modified to the standard “home” icon.

Evas_Object *home_icon = elm_icon_add(ctxpopup);
elm_icon_standard_set(home_icon, "home");
elm_object_item_part_content_set(it, "icon", home_icon);

Using Ctxpopup Callbacks

The context popup emits the “dismissed” signal when it is dismissed. We can register a callback to this signal. The event_info parameter is NULL.

evas_object_smart_callback_add(ctxpopup, "dismissed", _dismissed_cb, data);
static void
_dismissed_cb(void *data, Evas_Object *obj, void *event_info)
      printf("ctxpopup dismissed\n");

A Ctxpopup Example