Photo Widgets

The photo widget is used to display a photo (such as a contact image). If no photo is set on it, it displays a person icon to show that it is a photo placeholder.

Table of Contents

Adding a Photo

This is how to create a photo object.

Evas_Object *photo, *parephotoslider = elm_photo_add(parent);
photo = elm_photo_add(parent);

Using Photo Widget

A file can be set to the photo widget. Here, PHOTO_FILENAME is a string corresponding to the photo file name on the system.

elm_photo_file_set(photo, PHOTO_FILENAME);

We can set the photo as editable, so it can be copied, cut or dragged in another region of the screen.

elm_photo_editable_set(photo, EINA_TRUE);

It can also be completely visible on the screen.

elm_photo_fill_inside_set(photo, EINA_TRUE);

Using Photo Callbacks

The following callbacks are registered on the photo widget.

  • “clicked” - The user has clicked the photo.
  • “drag,start” - The user starts dragging the inner image out of the photo's frame.
  • “drag,end” - The user drops the dragged image.

event_info is always NULL.