Setting Up a C Development Environment

Installing the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries for C development is a simple task on common platforms.

The following documentation adds to that by describing how to install and run the right tools and prepare for building apps using EFL.

Compiling EFL Applications

With EFL installed, you can start compiling the applications you write using Enlightenment technologies:

gcc -o your_app your_app.c `pkg-config --cflags --libs eina efl elementary`

Where your_app is the name of the app you want to build and your_app.c contains the source code of your application.

If the compilation is successful, this will create an executable application called your_app in the directory. You can run this app like any other program.


If you get errors when you compile the examples in this guide, you may be using an out of date version of EFL. Update your libraries installing from EFL's git repository.

If you are having problems compiling and installing EFL, you can come and seek advice on any of our IRC channels or post a ticket to Gitea.