Enlightenment 0.25.0 Release

  • 2021-12-16 - by Carsten Haitzler

This is the latest release of Enlightenment. A lot has happened since the last release.


  • Lots of minor bug fixes (see git log)
  • Flat look to match new flat theme
  • New much higher quality default wallpaper set
  • Optimized XKB keymap change handling
  • Init splash is now always on (theme can remove it if desired)
  • Added screen setup menu entry in quick settings menu
  • Redid a lot of screen dimming/blanking/timeout code to fix cruft
  • IBox iconify gadget has window previews on mouse-over now
  • New gesture recognition bindings for touchpads (using Elput)
  • On loss or re-plug in of screen now restore windows sensibly
  • Tasks has window preview on mouse-over now
  • FPS debug (ctl+alt+shift+f to toggle) has a lot more data now
  • BT devices in the Bluez gadget will show battery level if supported
  • Battery now has mouse-over popup with detailed battery information
  • Config saving moved to threads to minimize I/O stutter to core
  • Shot allows copy of screenshot to copy and paste selection too now
  • Temperature monitor now uses hwmon devices and multiple instances
  • New Procstats module can show mem/CPU usage in titlebar
  • Offline/presentation mode removed - use bindings + actions instead
  • Remove custom desklock command - built in is more reliable
  • Winlist (alt+tab) has large mode with window previews now
  • Pluggable device monitoring and applying of input config on plug
  • Added workaround broken Spotify cover art URLs
  • Scale settings will now modify xsettings DPI to make non-efl apps scale
  • Fonts now made to be consistent with EFL and other apps
  • Added binding action to switch profiles
  • EFM - sync more often when doing I/O ops like copy etc.
  • XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP is now set too
  • EFM image preview will show EFIX dates for when image taken
  • Power plug/unplug now emit signals which theme can make sounds for
  • Mixer - have simple device to icon database text file to look nicer
  • Mixer - add VU meters for output and input audio
  • Mixer - Show icons for apps currently playing sounds and recording
  • Set _NET_WM_STATE_HIDDEN when windows are hidden to avoid rendering
  • Reduce power usage when screen is blanked by setting wins to iconic
  • Added “grow window in direction” actions you can bind
  • Added palette editor and selector tool to set up custom colors
  • Fingerprint (libFprint) support in desklock and new tool for settings
  • EFM - add recent files menu to access recently opened files
  • Force stdout/error log now to ~/.e-log.log
  • Added settings for animation multiplier to speed up/down transitions
  • No more edge bindings by default
enlightenment-0.25.0.tar.xz 7d6e72ceed5aca135b7a49c2a1c1eb9d8fde1318613517401d0418e0e5f6df06
Building and Dependencies
  1. libexif
  2. libpam (Linux only)

Highly recommended to ensure proper functionality (though you can live without these):

  1. connman (For network configuration support)
  2. bluez5 (For bluetooth configuration and control)
  3. bc (For the everything module calculator mode)
  4. pulseaudio (For proper audio device control and redirection)
  5. acpid (For systems with ACPI for lid events, AC/Battery plug in/out etc.)
  6. packagekit (For the built in system updates monitoring and updater)
  7. udisks2 (For removable storage mounting/unmounting)
  8. ddcutil (specifically libddcutil.so.2 for backlight control)
  9. gdb (If you want automatic backtraces on a crash in ~/.e-crashdump.txt - don't forget to build EFL and E with gdb debugging to make this useful)

Note: Enlightenment 0.25.0 depends on EFL v1.26.0 or newer.

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