IRC Server Port Channel 6667 #e

Many of the core developers involved in Enlightenment as well as a lot of users are on IRC. They use IRC often and will discuss many development issues there instead of e-mail, due to it having immediate feedback as well as convenient shared discussion channels.

We use the Freenode IRC network, and you will find us on the #e channel. You can use a, IRC client like X-Chat, Konversation, Pidgin, Mibbit, and many others. If your client already has a listing for freenode, just select it. If not just set up the server as as your server with the normal IRC port of 6667. Once connected just join #e (you can just type in the command: /join #e then Enter). Just type + press Enter to talk.

Einen deutschsprachigen IRC Channel gibt es auch -
Per gli utenti di lingua italiana è disponibile il canale #e-it.
Pour le Français, nous avons
한국 사용자를 위한 한국어 IRC 채널 #e.kr도 있습니다. (for Korean)


Several companies and individuals provide professional support and services related to EFL and Enlightenment. If you find yourself in need of help that the community can't provide, please feel free to contact any of the list below.

Just remember that community support isn't guaranteed. It's done on a volunteer/freetime basis. For guaranteed response and support, you'll want to consider professional grade suppliers.

Organization Specialties
Open Wide Ingénierie Development and integration of open source software in embedded system, including EFL.


Mailing Lists
Users (archive)
Developers (archive)
GIT Commits (archive)

Our primary non-realtime form of communication is via e-mail. This allows everyone to participate no matter what timezone the live in or what waking hours they keep. It allows for streamlined access via your favorite e-mail application, which should handle large volumes of messages and conversations well already. It allows for off-line reading and replies (unlike web forums or IRC),

The language used on our mailing lists is English. It is a universal language that more people speak than any other, so if you want to participate, please use English, and then everyone can understand and respond. Also note that these lists are public and everyone sees the e-mails sent to them, and anyone may respond. Not all answers will be correct, but the vast majority will be.

In addition to the lists being a forum for questions, suggestions and other such discussions, they are also used as a news feed. Especially our commits mailing list. Every piece of code changed, bug fixed, or feature added will be broadcast on our commits mailing list. If you want to know what is going on, our commits list is an absolute must to subscribe to.

We have 3 main lists. The GIT Commits List is for sending out notices of every commit that happens to our repositories, with full source diffs, log and who did the work. The Devel List is where most of the developer and development discussions happen. This list will be more technical that the Users list. The Users List is where regular user discussions will happen.

In addition we have the Announce List for official announcements (like releases of new software). The Intl List is for posting changes to internationalization like updated PO files. The Bugs List is for broadcasting bug reports (though the way trac works currently for us, it will only be used if added to the cc list).

Social Networks




Our Planet

Bug Tracking

Collaboration Tools
Report a bug
Contribute to documentation
Browse our source

We use Phabricator for our Bug tracking and Wiki. If you have a bug or issue, please Report a bug. We will eventually get to it, but try and assign it to someone appropriate so it gets attention.

Please use the tracker for bugs, not for discussions or feature requests or for "I don't know how to do this" questions. It's for reporting actual problems. For questions we have E-Mail and IRC. Also remember that we will prioritize bug fixing to those things that are core, urgent or necessary, so just because a report isn't acted on soon, doesn't mean we won't eventually get to it. Once it's in the system it won't disappear. It just takes it being noticed.


We have split our website into 2 major parts. The main less-changing pages such as this and a Wiki. This Wiki is where anyone can edit and contribute documentation, information and similar pages.

Feel free to browse around the Wiki to see if what you are looking for is over there, or if you wish to contribute information.


This is a list of our developers. Each will work in different things, and have various levels of activity at any time, and even be spread out all around the world and speak various different languages.

We are an inclusive, not exclusive community. It means we prefer to welcome you than to keep you out. We do "ask for forgiveness, not permission" style development. That means that once you are a developer you have access to work on anything and do anything you feel is needed. Of course everyone sees what you do, when and how, and sometimes you may be called to account on your changes and be yelled at, with changes being reverted, but this is the exception, not the rule. If you are going to play with code someone else is actively working on (and the GIT commits list will let you know that as well as the below list of developers and who is responsible for what), it is nice to first discuss your changes with people - especially if they are major and get an agreement.

If you want to become a developer, please see our contribution page. Information is over there as to how to contribute and help out.

Active developers
Name Managing / Contributing IRC Nick Location Website
Andrew Williams EDI, (closed), Engage, Equate, Entrance, Enlightenment, Ecore ajwillia_ms Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Bertrand Jacquin servers beber_ Dublin, Ireland  
Boris Faure Terminology, Tiling, klok, eenvader.fractal, mpdule, e, efl, … various bits here and there billiob Courbevoie, France
Carsten Haitzler eet, evas, embryo, ecore, edje, e, emotion, rage, imlib2, imlib2_loaders, entice, edb, epeg, expedite, exquisite, elementary, efreet, e_dbus, www, entrance, eina raster Seoul, Korea
Cedric BAIL eina, eet, evas, edje, ecore, eio, emotion, expedite, e, ephoto, eyelight, efreet cedric Suwon, Korea  
Chidambar Zinnoury e illogict Évry, France
Christopher Michael General E patch monkey, emprint, emodules, illume2, evas, ecore, elementary, E17, EFL Wayland devilhorns New Jersey, US
ChunEon Park evas, elementary, enventor, eina, ecore, edje, expedite Hermet HwaSeong, Korea
Daniel Hirt efl, elementary herdsman Herzliya, Israel  
Daniel Juyung Seo elementary, elm theme viewer, efl, enlightenment, BINDINGS and some others SeoZ Suwon, Korea
Daniel Kolesa eolian, elua, enity, efl, elementary, enlightenment, emodules, czech l10n q66 Staines, United Kingdom  
Daniel Willmann elev8, efl asdfuser,asdfuser_w In Progress
Daniel Zaoui Eo, Eolian, Evas, Ecore, Elementary JackDanielZ Netanya, Israel  
David Walter Seikel e, ecore_exe, edje onefang Brisbane, Australia
Davide Andreoli Python bindings, EpyMC, Espionage, Places, Pengunis, DevsMap, edje_editor, e, edje, emotion, elementary davemds Milano, Italy
Deon Thomas E17 PrinceAMD Georgetown, Guyana
Eduardo Lima (Etrunko) General Fixes, Python-EFL, E, Ecore and Evas (Wayland) etrunko Campinas, Brazil
Eric Schuele E17, ecore, efreet, e_modules ravenlock Dallas, Tx, USA
Felipe Magno de Almeida Eolian, Eina-Cxx, Eet-Cxx, Eldbus-Cxx felipealmeida Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  
Flavio Vinicius Alvares Ceolin Edje, Elementary ceolin Campinas, Brazil  
Gustavo Lima Chaves Evas, Edje, Elementary glima Campinas, Brazil  
Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri Python-efl, Evas, Ecore, Edje k-s Paulinia, Brazil
Gwanglim Lee evas, ecore, elementary, enlightenment, EFL Wayland gl-lee Seongnam, Korea
Igor Murzov webp loader for evas, gettext-related stuff GArik Tver, Russia  
Iván Briano efl, elementary, enlightenment Sachiel Campinas, Brazil  
JaeHyun Cho enventor, efl, elementary Jaehyun Seoul, Korea  
Jaehwan Kim edje, elementary jaehwan Suwon, Korea  
Jaeun Choi elementary eunue Yongin, Korea  
Jean Guyomarc'h efl, terminology jayji Paris, France
Jean-Philippe ANDRE evas, Evas: GL, filters, masking, cserve2 jpeg Seoul, Korea  
Jerome Pinot SlackE17, ePeriodique, elemines, documentation, cleaning ngc891 Daejeon, South Korea
Jihoon Kim ecore_imf, edje, elementary jihoonKim Suwon, Korea  
Jiyoun Park evas, ecore, elementary jypark_jiyoun Suwon, Korea  
José Roberto de Souza e, e_dbus, eldbus, eina zehortigoza Vinhedo, Brazil
Jérémy Zurcher ffi-efl, eina, e jeyzu Yverdoom, Switzerland
Kai Huuhko Python bindings, Epour, Apathy, Valosoitin kuuko Helsinki, Finland  
Kim Woelders e16 kwo Farum, Denmark  
Leif Middelschulte e_randr, ecore_x_randr, e, ecore, engage T_UNIX Karlsruhe, Germany  
Lucas De Marchi eldbus, enlightenment, eina demarchi Campinas, Brazil
Lukasz Stanislawski elementary, elementary, efl stanluk Warsaw, Poland  
Marcel Hollerbach entrance, terminology bu5hm4n Loerrach, Germany  
Massimo Maiurana Italian translations maxerba Ragusa, Sicily, Italy
Michael BOUCHAUD elsa elementary evas_generic_loader(raw) ekbd libeweather, e17 evas yoz Villejuif, France  
Michael Jennings Eterm KainX Louisville, KY, USA
Miculcy, Brian, Enlightenment, (closed) morlenxus Berlin, Germany
Mike Blumenkrantz enlightenment, efl discomfitor, zmike CT, USA  
Mike Frysinger packaging / minor general touchups in source / autotools help SpanKY, vapier Holden, MA, USA
Nicholas Hughart empower, efreet,e17,website mekius Belvidere, IL, USA
Nicolas Aguirre elfe, calaos, enna, Elementary captainigloo Toulouse, France
Rafael Antognolli Evas, Ecore, Edje, Elementary, Emotion antognolli Campinas, Brazil  
Raoul HECKY eskiss, efl raoulh Bartenheim, France
Ryuan Choi elementary, edje, evas ryuan Suwon, Korea
Samuel F. Baggen Terminology, E, misc & fast-fixes Thanatermesis Zaragoza, Spain
Sanjeev BA elementary, applications and elev8 sanjeev_home Suwon, South Korea  
Savio Sena eolian-cxx, eolian, bindings/*-cxx tmh_ Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  
Sebastian Dransfeld enlightenment, efreet englebass Gjøvik, Norway  
Sebastian Dröge emotion slomo Detmold, Germany
Shinwoo Kim elementary, ecore, edje, e kimcinoo CA, USA
Sohyun Kim emotion, elementary, evas, ecore sohyun Suwon, Korea  
Stefan Schmidt e_dbus, randr and some others stefan_schmidt Braunschweig, Germany
Stephen Houston Ephoto, E, EFL, Elementary okra Mississippi, USA
Sung Park eina, evas, elementary sung_ Seongnam, Korea  
Tom Hacohen evas, edje, eina, elementary, expedite, illume TAsn London, United Kingdom
U. Artie Eoff EFL Wayland uartie Portland, OR, USA  
Ulisses Furquim Freire da Silva Evas, EFL Ryback_ Campinas, Brazil  
Viacheslav Reutskyi efl edje theme editor (eflete), efl, elementary, enlightenment, and some others rimmed Kiev, Ukraine  
Vitalii Vorobiov efl edje theme editor (eflete), elementary, edje FurryMyad Kiev, Ukraine  
Wonguk Jeong efl, elementary, terminology, enlightenment huchi Suwon, Korea  
WooHyun Jung elementary WooHyun Seoul, Korea  
Yakov Goldberg ecore, elementary, language bindings ya-kov Tel-Aviv, Israel  
Inactive developers
Name Managed / Contributed IRC Nick Website
Adam Flott   amf
Adam Kisiel Etox lofwyrm  
Andre Dieb Martins eupnp andredieb
Andreas Volz e16menuedit2, eflxx, edje_player audifahrer
Andres Blanc Documentation. dresb
Andrew Web and Doc Team Andrew  
Aron Xu Translations, Launchpad related works happyaron  
Ben Martin gevas monkeyiq
Brett Nash Ensure, Evas neon, Evas (Proxy), Elementary X Selections, ecore, elementary, edje nash
Bruno Dilly ephysics, etrophy, efbb, econcentration, e_cho, e17, elementary, geneet bdilly
Burra Ecore burra  
Caio Marcelo de Oliveira Filho   cmarcelo  
Chris Thomas Elogin x5rings  
Christian Kreibich EFSD Owner, Web Team cK
Christopher Rosendahl Ewl, Ewd, Etcher smugg  
Dan Sinclair Ewl, Efreet, EwlBook dj2
Emfox Zhou zh_CN translation, Debian packaging emfox
Espen Nilsen EWL Contribs ymer|SpNlsn  
Fabiano Fidêncio Elementary, Python-efl fidencio  
Falko Schmidt   kaeth0rn
Franz Marini Imlib2 Contributions franz_marini  
Frederik Sdun vala-bindings playya  
Fábio Mello elev8 mello  
Guillaume Friloux smman, vog, fingered, shotgun, esskyuehl, eina, ecore kuri
Hannes Janetzek E17, e_modules jeffdameth  
Helen Mae Koike Fornazier   koike  
Hendryx Web and Doc Team Hendryx
Horms Dev Team horms  
Hyoyoung Chang elementary, ecore, evas hyoyoung  
Ian Caldwell Misc e17, server stuff and misc web Inc
Ibukun Olumuyiwa Entrance, code contributions (Ecore, E17) xcomp
Jaime Thomas   jethomas  
Johannes Schauer   josch  
Jonas M. Gastal Eina, Eet, Evas, Ecore, Emotion, Elementary (documentation) gastal  
Jonathan Atton eyelight, eyelight watchwolf
Jorge Luis Zapata Muga ecore_dbus (Deprecated), extrackt, ecore_directfb, enesim, ecore_li, evas, ecore_fb turran
Joshua Deere Retina dphase  
Kirth Ports and Package Team kirth  
Klaas Bosteels Etox redalb  
Lars Munch   lmunch
Laurence J. Lane Ports and Package Team ljlane  
Laurent Ghigonis news, photo, alarm kiwi_
Leandro Dorileo ephysics, elementary, evas, edje, emotion dorileo
Leandro Pereira Edje Eve acidx  
Luchezar P. Petkov Icons ManowarrioR
Luis Felipe Strano Moraes Evas, Ecore, Edje, Epsilon, Efreet lfelipe  
Maher Awamy Imlib/Evas perl bindings muhri
Mandrake Core Dev Team mandrake
Marco Trevisan nothing Trevinho  
Massimiliano Calamelli exchange (library) mcalamelli
Michael Lauer eflpp, ecore-fb mickeyl
Mikael SANS elementary efreet eio XHeLL  
Mike McCormack ecore, elev8 mike_m  
Mikhail Gusarov   dottedmag
Nathan Ingersoll EWL, ecore_data RbdPngn
Otávio Pontes   otaviobp  
Pau Espin Pedrol -, eflvala enjoy pespin
Peter Wehrfritz EWL, Elitaire pfritz  
Platon Fomichev Ports and Package Team stauff  
Rafael Fonseca Edje, Elementary rfonseca  
Raphael Kubo da Costa efl/, WebKit-EFL rakuco  
Rodrigo Cesar Lopes Belem   rbelem
Rui Seabra elmdentica, elementary (at start) [Rui]
S. J. Black Doc Team alphafemale  
Sangho Park elementary gouache
Sergey Pavlovich Semernin   aviator  
Sevcsik András eyesight sevcsik
Simon Busch python-elementary morphis
Stafford Mitchell Horne enlightenment, edje, evas shorne  
Stephen Frost Ports and Package Team sfrost  
Sthithaprajna Garapaty taskbar module iamsthitha  
Term Web Team term
Tiago Rezende Campos Falcao editje, effeniht, elementary, edje, python-efl tiagofalcao
Till Adam E17, EVAS DFB tillsan  
Tim Fabiniak Web Team minion2  
Tom Gilbert Epplets API, Giblib, Feh, CamE, Geist, Gozer, Gom, Scrot gilbertt
Tom Haste exchange Toma-
Viktor Kojouharov edje_viewer, winselector module, forecasts module, drawer, Misc e and etk, ephoto, etk, e saturn_vk
Vincent Torri evil, epdf, edvi, eps, eyesight vtorri  
Youness Alaoui escape, ecore, evas KaKaRoTo