Efl.Text_Interactive (interface)


This is an interface interactive text inputs should implement


Efl.Text (interface)

Full hierarchy


editable (get, set)

Whether the entry is editable.
Eina_Bool efl_text_interactive_editable_get(const Eo *obj);
void efl_text_interactive_editable_set(Eo *obj, Eina_Bool editable);


Clears the selection.
void efl_text_interactive_select_none(Eo *obj);

selection_allowed (get, set)

Whether or not selection is allowed on this object
Eina_Bool efl_text_interactive_selection_allowed_get(const Eo *obj);
void efl_text_interactive_selection_allowed_set(Eo *obj, Eina_Bool allowed);

selection_cursors (get)

void efl_text_interactive_selection_cursors_get(const Eo *obj, Efl_Text_Cursor_Cursor **start, Efl_Text_Cursor_Cursor **end);


text (get, set) The text string to be displayed by the given text object.
font (get, set) The font family, filename and size for a given text object.
font_bitmap_scalable (get, set) The bitmap fonts have fixed size glyphs for several available sizes. Basically, it is not scalable. But, it needs to be scalable for some use cases. (ex. colorful emoji fonts)
font_fallbacks (get, set) Comma-separated list of font fallbacks
font_lang (get, set) Specific language of the displayed font
font_slant (get, set) Type of slant of the displayed font
font_source (get, set) The font (source) file to be used on a given text object.
font_weight (get, set) Type of weight of the displayed font
font_width (get, set) Type of width of the displayed font
ellipsis (get, set) Ellipsis value (number from -1.0 to 1.0)
halign (get, set) Horizontal alignment of text
halign_auto_type (get, set) Horizontal alignment of text
linegap (get, set) Minimal line gap (top and bottom) for each line in the text
linerelgap (get, set) Relative line gap (top and bottom) for each line in the text
multiline (get, set) Multiline is enabled or not
password (get, set) Whether text is a password
replacement_char (get, set) The character used to replace characters that can't be displayed
tabstops (get, set) Tabstops value
valign (get, set) Vertical alignment of text
wrap (get, set) Wrap mode for use in the text
backing_color (get, set) Backing color
backing_type (get, set) Enable or disable backing type
effect_type (get, set) Type of effect used for the displayed text
gfx_filter (get, set) Program that applies a special filter
glow2_color (get, set) Second color of the glow effect
glow_color (get, set) Color of glow effect
normal_color (get, set) Color of text, excluding style
outline_color (get, set) Color of outline effect
shadow_color (get, set) Color of shadow effect
shadow_direction (get, set) Direction of shadow effect
strikethrough_color (get, set) Color of strikethrough_style
strikethrough_type (get, set) Type of strikethrough style
underline2_color (get, set) Color of underline2 style
underline_color (get, set) Color of normal underline style
underline_dashed_color (get, set) Color of dashed underline style
underline_dashed_gap (get, set) Gap of dashed underline style
underline_dashed_width (get, set) Width of dashed underline style
underline_height (get, set) Height of underline style
underline_type (get, set) Sets an underline style on the text



The selection on the object has changed. Query using Efl.Text_Interactive.selection_cursors