Efl.Text_Markup_Interactive (interface)


Markup data that populates the text object's style and format


Efl.Text_Cursor (interface)

Full hierarchy



Inserts a markup text to the text object in a given cursor position
void efl_text_markup_interactive_cursor_markup_insert(Eo *obj, Efl_Text_Cursor_Cursor *cur, const char *markup);

markup_range (get, set)

Markup of a given range in the text
char *efl_text_markup_interactive_markup_range_get(const Eo *obj, Efl_Text_Cursor_Cursor *start, Efl_Text_Cursor_Cursor *end);
void efl_text_markup_interactive_markup_range_set(Eo *obj, Efl_Text_Cursor_Cursor *start, Efl_Text_Cursor_Cursor *end, char *markup);


cursor_char_delete Deletes a single character from position pointed by given cursor.
cursor_char_next Advances to the next character
cursor_char_prev Advances to the previous character
cursor_cluster_coord_set Set cursor coordinates according to grapheme clusters. It does not allow to put a cursor to the middle of a grapheme cluster.
cursor_cluster_next Advances to the next grapheme cluster
cursor_cluster_prev Advances to the previous grapheme cluster
cursor_compare Compare two cursors
cursor_content (get)
cursor_coord_set Set cursor coordinates
cursor_copy Copy existing cursor
cursor_equal Check if two cursors are equal
cursor_free Free existing cursor
cursor_geometry (get)
cursor_line_char_first Advance to current line first character
cursor_line_char_last Advance to current line last character
cursor_line_jump_by Jump the cursor by the given number of lines
cursor_new Create new cursor
cursor_paragraph_char_first Advances to the first character in this paragraph
cursor_paragraph_char_last Advances to the last character in this paragraph
cursor_paragraph_first Advance to current paragraph first character
cursor_paragraph_last Advance to current paragraph last character
cursor_paragraph_next Advances to the start of the next text node
cursor_paragraph_prev Advances to the end of the previous text node
cursor_position (get, set) Cursor position
cursor_text_insert Adds text to the current cursor position and set the cursor to *after* the start of the text just added.
cursor_word_end Advance to current word end
cursor_word_start Advance to current word start
text_cursor (get)