Efl.Ui.Drag (interface)


Common interface for draggable objects and parts.


drag_dir (get)

Efl_Ui_Drag_Dir efl_ui_drag_dir_get(const Eo *obj);

drag_page (get, set)

The page step increments.
Eina_Bool efl_ui_drag_page_get(const Eo *obj, double *dx, double *dy);
Eina_Bool efl_ui_drag_page_set(Eo *obj, double dx, double dy);


Moves the draggable by dx,dy pages.
Eina_Bool efl_ui_drag_page_move(Eo *obj, double dx, double dy);

drag_size (get, set)

The draggable object relative size.
Eina_Bool efl_ui_drag_size_get(const Eo *obj, double *dw, double *dh);
Eina_Bool efl_ui_drag_size_set(Eo *obj, double dw, double dh);

drag_step (get, set)

The drag step increment.
Eina_Bool efl_ui_drag_step_get(const Eo *obj, double *dx, double *dy);
Eina_Bool efl_ui_drag_step_set(Eo *obj, double dx, double dy);


Moves the draggable by dx,dy steps.
Eina_Bool efl_ui_drag_step_move(Eo *obj, double dx, double dy);

drag_value (get, set)

The draggable object relative location.
Eina_Bool efl_ui_drag_value_get(const Eo *obj, double *dx, double *dy);
Eina_Bool efl_ui_drag_value_set(Eo *obj, double dx, double dy);