Structure holding the info about selected data


  • pos - Coordinates of the drop (DND operations only)
  • format - Format of the selection
  • content - Selection data
  • action - Action to perform with the data
  • item - Item under the drag position. It is only available for container


struct Efl.Ui.Selection_Data {
    pos: Eina.Position2D;
    format: Efl.Ui.Selection_Format;
    content: Eina.Slice;
    action: Efl.Ui.Selection_Action;
    item: Efl.Object;

C signature

typedef struct _Efl_Ui_Selection_Data {
    Eina_Position2D pos;
    Efl_Ui_Selection_Format format;
    Eina_Slice content;
    Efl_Ui_Selection_Action action;
    Efl_Object *item;
} Efl_Ui_Selection_Data;