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Efreet is a library designed to help apps work several of the Freedesktop.org standards regarding Icons, Desktop files and Menus. To that end it implements the following specifications:

  • XDG Base Directory Specification
  • Icon Theme Specification
  • Desktop Entry Specification
  • Desktop Menu Specification
  • FDO URI Specification
  • Shared Mime Info Specification
  • Trash Specification

How to compile

Efreet is a library your application links to. The procedure for this is very simple. You simply have to compile your application with the appropriate compiler flags that the pkg-config script outputs. Mime and Thrash are separated modules. For example, to compile with mime support:

Compiling C or C++ files into object files:

gcc -c -o main.o main.c `pkg-config --cflags efreet efreet-mime`

Linking object files into a binary executable:

gcc -o my_application main.o `pkg-config --libs efreet efreet-mime`

See pkgconfig

Next Steps

After you understood what Efreet is and installed it in your system you should proceed understanding the programming interface.

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