Creates intermediary path part-way between two paths

Sets the points of the obj as the linear interpolation of the points in the from and to paths. The path's x,y position and control point coordinates are likewise interpolated.

The from and to paths must not already have equivalent points, and to must contain at least as many points as from, else the function returns false with no interpolation performed. If to has more points than from, the excess points are ignored.

Overridden from Efl.Gfx.Path.interpolate.


interpolate {
    params {
        @in from: free(const(Efl.Object), efl_del);
        @in to: free(const(Efl.Object), efl_del);
        @in pos_map: double;
    return: bool;

C signature

Eina_Bool efl_gfx_path_interpolate(Eo *obj, const Efl_Object *from, const Efl_Object *to, double pos_map);


  • from (in) - Source path
  • to (in) - Destination path
  • pos_map (in) - Position map in range 0.0 to 1.0

Implemented by