When data is read to internal buffer, it's emitted in this event. The memory is only valid during event callback dispatched and should not be modified.

Since 1.19


data: ptr(const(Eina.Slice));

C information

EFL_IO_COPIER_EVENT_DATA(const Eina_Slice *)

C usage

static void
on_efl_io_copier_event_data(void *data, const Efl_Event *event)
    const Eina_Slice *info = event->info;
    Eo *obj = event->object;
    Data *d = data;
    /* event hander code */
static void
setup_event_handler(Eo *obj, Data *d)
    efl_event_callback_add(obj, EFL_IO_COPIER_EVENT_DATA, on_efl_io_copier_event_data, d);