Requests input to the agent.

Since 1.19


  • access_point - The access point which triggered this request.
  • fields - Bitwise OR of fields present in this request.
  • passphrase_type - Extra detail for the passphrase field, such as wep, psk, response (IEEE802.X GTC/OTP), string...
  • informational - Such as the previous passphrase, VPN host


struct Efl.Net.Control.Agent_Request_Input {
    access_point: free(Efl.Net.Control.Access_Point, efl_del);
    fields: Efl.Net.Control.Agent_Request_Input.Field;
    passphrase_type: free(string, free);
    informational: free(list<ptr(Efl.Net.Control.Agent_Request_Input.Information)>, eina_list_free);

C signature

typedef struct _Efl_Net_Control_Agent_Request_Input {
    Efl_Net_Control_Access_Point *access_point;
    Efl_Net_Control_Agent_Request_Input_Field fields;
    const char *passphrase_type;
    Eina_List *informational;
} Efl_Net_Control_Agent_Request_Input;