Parses a numeric address and return an object representing it.

This parses a numeric IPv4 or IPv6 address and optional port, returning an object representing it on success or NULL on failure.

The address may be in the formats:

- IPv4 complete: - IPv4 no port: - IPv6 complete: [::1]:1234 - IPv6 no port: [::1] - IPv6 no braces (implies no port): ::1

If you want to translate address and port to numbers use Efl.Net.Ip_Address.resolve.

Since 1.19


parse @class {
    params {
        @in numeric_address: free(string, free);
    return: free(Efl.Net.Ip_Address, efl_del);

C signature

Efl_Net_Ip_Address *efl_net_ip_address_parse(Efl_Class *klass, const char *numeric_address);


  • numeric_address (in) - The numeric address to parse, such as '' or '[::1]:1234'

Implemented by

  • Efl.Net.Ip_Address.parse