The results of Efl.Net.Ip_Address.resolve call.

This structure is created by Efl.Net.Ip_Address.resolve.

Since 1.19


  • request_address - The 'address' argument given to Efl.Net.Ip_Address.resolve
  • canonical_name - The canonical name, if it was requested in flags
  • results - The resolved objects. Do not modify this array but you can keep reference to elements using efl_ref() and efl_unref()


struct Efl.Net.Ip_Address.Resolve_Results {
    request_address: free(string, free);
    canonical_name: free(string, free);
    results: free(array<free(Efl.Net.Ip_Address, efl_del)>, eina_array_free);

C signature

typedef struct _Efl_Net_Ip_Address_Resolve_Results {
    const char *request_address;
    const char *canonical_name;
    Eina_Array *results;
} Efl_Net_Ip_Address_Resolve_Results;