Register a new Efl.Ui.Radio button to this group. Keep in mind that registering to a group will only handle button grouping, you still need to add the button to a layout for it to be rendered.

If the Efl.Ui.Radio.state_value of the new button is already used by a previous button in the group, the button will not be added.

See also Efl.Ui.Radio_Group.unregister.

Since 1.23

Overridden from Efl.Ui.Radio_Group.register.


register @pure_virtual {
    params {
        @in radio: Efl.Ui.Radio;

C signature

void efl_ui_radio_group_register(Eo *obj, Efl_Ui_Radio *radio);


  • radio (in) - The radio button to add to the group.

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