Notifies end of stream, when property is marked as true.

If this is used alongside with an Efl.Io.Closer, then it should be emitted before that call.

It should be emitted only once for an object unless it implements

The property Efl.Io.Reader.can_read should change to false before this event is dispatched.

Since 1.22



C information

C usage

static void
on_efl_io_reader_event_eos(void *data, const Efl_Event *event)
    void info = event->info;
    Eo *obj = event->object;
    Data *d = data;
    /* event hander code */
static void
setup_event_handler(Eo *obj, Data *d)
    efl_event_callback_add(obj, EFL_IO_READER_EVENT_EOS, on_efl_io_reader_event_eos, d);