Received a request to close the connection. It may be a reply/confirmation from a local request, see Efl.Net.Dialer.Websocket.close_request, or some server-generated reason. After this point, no more messages are allowed to be sent and no more will be received. Efl.Io.Closer.close will be called.

Since 1.19


closed,reason: Efl.Net.Dialer.Websocket.Closed_Reason;

C information


C usage

static void
on_efl_net_dialer_websocket_event_closed_reason(void *data, const Efl_Event *event)
    Efl_Net_Dialer_Websocket_Closed_Reason info = event->info;
    Eo *obj = event->object;
    Data *d = data;
    /* event hander code */
static void
setup_event_handler(Eo *obj, Data *d)
    efl_event_callback_add(obj, EFL_NET_DIALER_WEBSOCKET_EVENT_CLOSED_REASON, on_efl_net_dialer_websocket_event_closed_reason, d);