Event emitted when an item is being released by the Efl.Ui.Factory. It must be assumed that after this call, the object can be recycles to another Efl.Ui.View and there can be more than one call for the same item.

Since 1.23


item,releasing: Efl.Gfx.Entity;

C information

C usage

static void
on_efl_ui_factory_event_item_releasing(void *data, const Efl_Event *event)
    Efl_Gfx_Entity *info = event->info;
    Eo *obj = event->object;
    Data *d = data;
    /* event hander code */
static void
setup_event_handler(Eo *obj, Data *d)
    efl_event_callback_add(obj, EFL_UI_FACTORY_EVENT_ITEM_RELEASING, on_efl_ui_factory_event_item_releasing, d);