A window object's icon.

This sets an image to be used as the icon for the given window, in the window manager decoration part. The exact pixel dimensions of the object (not object size) will be used and the image pixels will be used as-is when this function is called. If the image object has been updated, then call this function again to source the image pixels and place them in the window's icon. Note that only objects of type Efl.Canvas.Image or Efl.Ui.Image are allowed.

Since 1.22



  • icon - The Evas image object to use for an icon.


  • icon - The image object to use for an icon.


@property icon_object {
    get {
        values {
            icon: const(Efl.Canvas.Object);
    set {
        values {
            icon: Efl.Canvas.Object;

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