Called by Efl.Canvas.Filter.Internal when the parent class must render the input.


filter_input_render @protected @pure_virtual {
    params {
        @in filter: void_ptr;
        @in engine: void_ptr;
        @in output: void_ptr;
        @in drawctx: void_ptr;
        @in data: void_ptr;
        @in l: int;
        @in r: int;
        @in t: int;
        @in b: int;
        @in x: int;
        @in y: int;
        @in do_async: bool;
    return: bool;

C signature

Eina_Bool evas_filter_input_render(Eo *obj, void *filter, void *engine, void *output, void *drawctx, void *data, int l, int r, int t, int b, int x, int y, Eina_Bool do_async);


  • filter (in) - Current filter context
  • engine (in) - Engine context
  • output (in) - Output context
  • drawctx (in) - Draw context (for evas engine)
  • data (in) - Private data used by textblock
  • l (in) - Left
  • r (in) - Right
  • t (in) - Top
  • b (in) - Bottom
  • x (in) - X offset
  • y (in) - Y offset
  • do_async (in) - true when the operation should be done asynchronously, false otherwise

Implemented by

  • Efl.Canvas.Filter.Internal.filter_input_render