Iterator Functions

Eina provides a set of iterator functions to manipulate data types, such as arrays.

These functions allow access to container elements in a generic way, without knowing which container is used (similar to iterators in the C++ STL). Iterators only allow sequential access (that is, from one element to the next one). For random access, Eina provides accessor functions.

Getting an iterator to access elements of a given container is done through the functions of that particular container. There is no function to create a generic iterator as iterators absolutely depend on the container. Note that all iterators, regardless of the container type, are always deleted with the same eina_iterator_free() function.

To get the data and iterate, use the eina_iterator_next() function. To call a function on every single element of a container, use the eina_iterator_foreach() function.

In addition to iterator functions, each data type also owns a set of macros that provide the iterators, such as FOREACH or REVERSE_FOREACH.