previous__: **Creating the Basic UI ==== Creating a Hidden Menu ==== Add a new function called _build_side_menu to create the side Menu toolbar and add some items to it. This function takes the application data as parameter and stores the built menu in the sidemenu attribute of the structure. <code c> static void _build_side_menu(Menu *me, Evas_Object *win) { Tbarmenu *sidemenu = calloc(1, sizeof(Tbarmenu)); me->sidemenu = sidemenu; sidemenu->tb = elm_toolbar_add(win); elm_toolbar_shrink_mode_set(sidemenu->tb, ELM_TOOLBAR_SHRINK_EXPAND); elm_toolbar_transverse_expanded_set(sidemenu->tb, EINA_TRUE); elm_toolbar_item_append(sidemenu->tb, ICON_DIR“/home.svg”, “Home”, _menu_item_selected_cb, me); elm_toolbar_item_append(sidemenu->tb, ICON_DIR“/account.svg”, “Account”, NULL, NULL); elm_toolbar_item_append(sidemenu->tb, ICON_DIR“/contact.svg”, “Friends”, NULL, NULL); elm_toolbar_item_append(sidemenu->tb, ICON_DIR“/clock.svg”, “Clock”, _menu_item_selected_cb, me); elm_toolbar_homogeneous_set(sidemenu->tb, EINA_FALSE); evas_object_show(sidemenu->tb); elm_object_part_content_set(me->layout, “menu/side”, sidemenu->tb); elm_toolbar_horizontal_set(sidemenu->tb, EINA_FALSE); elm_toolbar_item_selected_set(elm_toolbar_first_item_get(sidemenu->tb), EINA_TRUE); } </code> The side menu is created but hidden by default, to make it appear the user must click Home button. By default the Basic EDC UI application creates a function keydown_cb to handle the key down events. In elm_main an ecore_event_handler_add function is called with the ECORE_EVENT_KEY_DOWN macro and with keydown_cb as callback. In this callback, the KEY_END event puts the window on the lower state. <code c> keydown_cb(void *data , int type , void *event) { Evas_Object *win = data; Ecore_Event_Key *ev = event; if (!strcmp(ev->keyname, KEY_END)) { /* Let window go to hide state. */ elm_win_lower(win); } return ECORE_CALLBACK_DONE; } </code> The key name of menu button is XF86Send. Add the menu button key press handling to the keydown_cb. The menu is shown on the first press and hidden it on the second press. Use Eina_Bool sdmenu_up on the application data to store the menu status during the application execution. If me->sdmenu_up is EINA_TRUE the menu is visible. A program animation,menu_side is defined in the .edc theme file. This program is run when the signal show,sidemenu is received with the source MenuButton. Also the program who hides the side menu is defined and is called animation,menu_side,hide which start on signal hide,sidemenu. Test side menu status by sending the signals using elm_object_signal_emit <code c> static Eina_Bool keydown_cb(void *data , int type , void *event) { Menu *me = data; Ecore_Event_Key *ev = event; if (!strcmp(ev->keyname, “XF86Send”)) { if (me->sdmenu_up == EINA_TRUE) { If the menu is visible send a “hide,sidemenu” signal elm_object_signal_emit(me->layout, “hide,sidemenu”, “MenuButton”); Store the new menu status (hidden). me->sdmenu_up = EINA_FALSE; } else { If the menu is not visible send a “show,sidemenu” signal elm_object_signal_emit(me->layout, “show,sidemenu”, “MenuButton”); Store the new menu status (hidden). me->sdmenu_up = EINA_TRUE; } } return ECORE_CALLBACK_DONE; } </code>