Enlightenment 0.25.1 Release

  • 2022-01-03 - by Carsten Haitzler

This is the a bugfix release of Enlightenment


  • windows - netxcloud app - fix constant show/hide cycles
  • gesture - vm (vbox) detect hack to work around xorg no display bug
  • border list - fix list to filter volume out
enlightenment-0.25.1.tar.xz 2cf05fe3d96ef35e823619dbc0ac513ecabcae2186800ecd804924a637112444
Building and Dependencies
  1. libexif
  2. libpam (Linux only)

Highly recommended to ensure proper functionality (though you can live without these):

  1. connman (For network configuration support)
  2. bluez5 (For bluetooth configuration and control)
  3. bc (For the everything module calculator mode)
  4. pulseaudio (For proper audio device control and redirection)
  5. acpid (For systems with ACPI for lid events, AC/Battery plug in/out etc.)
  6. packagekit (For the built in system updates monitoring and updater)
  7. udisks2 (For removable storage mounting/unmounting)
  8. ddcutil (specifically libddcutil.so.2 for backlight control)
  9. gdb (If you want automatic backtraces on a crash in ~/.e-crashdump.txt - don't forget to build EFL and E with gdb debugging to make this useful)

Note: Enlightenment 0.25.1 depends on EFL v1.26.0 or newer.

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