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Window Manager

Enlightenment is a Window Manager, Compositor and Minimal Desktop for Linux (the primary platform), BSD and any other compatible UNIX system. Source code releases are on our download page. Visit our contribute page for our latest source code repositories.

The project is currently primarily supporting X11 but has experimental Wayland support.


Libraries were created to make Enlightenment and related applications. They are called EFL. Enlightenment Foundation Libraries. They cover a range of functionality from main-loop, to graphics (OpenGL accelerated as well as hand-crafted software rendering), scene graphs, networking, widgets, data storage, IPC and much more. EFL is also portable between Linux, BSD and similar compatible UNIX systems as well as MacOS and Windows.


We use our libraries not only to make Enlightenment but other applications for day to day use. We make these applications available for free.

We have included common features such as a terminal emulator (Terminology), video player (Rage), a photo viewer (Ephoto), and even the makings of an IDE (EDI). We have a basic text editor (Ecrire), a process monitor (Evisum), simple image viewer (Entice), a screen magnifier/measuring tool (Eruler) and more.

Native Tizen applications (used by Samsung Gear and Smart TV products) are developed using EFL. We've focused on remaining lean, yet feature-rich. Unlike many traditional toolkits, EFL is based around a scene graph from the ground up. This allows us to seamlessly switch from software rendering to OpenGL or any other mechanism that can be put in a render engine for Evas, the canvas scene graph engine. This also permits layering widgets and objects with alpha channels from the ground up without any special coding tricks.

This is by no means a complete list of applications and more are on the way.

Thanks to

We run as an open source project. People may contribute because they like to or because they are paid - but no one gets more preferred access than anyone else. The intent is to release everything under liberal open source licenses with no restrictions on those using such works except the usual “share alike” clauses found in LGPLv2, BSD etc.

We also receive other types of contributions. Our community files bug reports, does translations, as well as simply providing feedback.

This entire website runs on a machine bought with donations from developers and the community. Donations are highly appreciated. We have a non-profit Enlightenment foundation based in France, which acts as custodian of such funds until they're needed.

This server is hosted at OSUOSL who use their infrastructure to keep many open source projects running.

Our DNS is kindly provided by EasyDNS.

Many of our Enlightenment Developer Days events have been sponsored and paid for by Samsung and have recently been hosted by Openwide, now part of SmileEU.

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