Efl.Ui.Widget_Focus_Manager (mixin)


Helper mixin for widgets which also can act as focus managers.

Since 1.22



constructor [Overridden from Efl.Object]

Efl_Object *efl_constructor(Eo *obj);

destructor [Overridden from Efl.Object]

void efl_destructor(Eo *obj);

focus_manager_create protected

If the widget needs a focus manager, this function will be called.
Efl_Ui_Focus_Manager *efl_ui_widget_focus_manager_create(Eo *obj, Efl_Ui_Focus_Object *root);

focus_state_apply protected [Overridden from Efl.Ui.Widget]

Eina_Bool efl_ui_widget_focus_state_apply(Eo *obj, Efl_Ui_Widget_Focus_State current_state, Efl_Ui_Widget_Focus_State configured_state, Efl_Ui_Widget *redirect);


border_elements (get)
dirty_logic_freeze Disables the cache invalidation when an object is moved.
dirty_logic_unfreeze Enables the cache invalidation when an object is moved.
fetch Fetches the data from a registered node.
logical_end Returns the last logical object.
manager_focus (get, set) The element which is currently focused by this manager.
move Moves the focus in the given direction to the next regular widget.
pop_history_stack Removes the uppermost history element, and focuses the previous one.
redirect (get, set) Add another manager to serve the move requests.
request_move Returns the object in the direction from child.
request_subchild Returns the widget in the direction next.
reset_history Resets the history stack of this manager object. This means the uppermost element will be unfocused, and all other elements will be removed from the remembered list.
root (get, set) Root node for all logical sub-trees.
setup_on_first_touch Called when this manager is set as redirect.
viewport_elements (get)



coords,dirty Cached relationship calculation results have been invalidated.
dirty_logic_freeze,changed Called when this focus manager is frozen or thawed, even_info being true indicates that it is now frozen, false indicates that it is thawed.
flush,pre After this event, the manager object will calculate relations in the graph. Can be used to add / remove children in a lazy fashion.
manager_focus,changed The manager_focus property has changed. The previously focused object is passed as an event argument.
redirect,changed Redirect object has changed, the old manager is passed as an event argument.