This type describes the version of EFL with an optional variant.

This may be used to query the current running version of EFL. Or it can be passed by applications at startup time to inform EFL of the version a certain application was built for.

Since 1.18


  • major - Major component of the version (>= 1).
  • minor - Minor component of the version (>= 0).
  • micro - Micro component of the version (>= 0).
  • revision - Revision component of the version (>= 0).
  • flavor - Special version string for this build of EFL, null for vanilla (upstream) EFL. Contains EFL_VERSION_FLAVOR.
  • build_id - Contains EFL_BUILD_ID.


struct Efl.Version {
    major: int;
    minor: int;
    micro: int;
    revision: int;
    flavor: string;
    build_id: string;

C signature

typedef struct _Efl_Version {
    int major;
    int minor;
    int micro;
    int revision;
    const char *flavor;
    const char *build_id;
} Efl_Version;