Evisum 0.5.5 Released

  • 2020-09-14 - by Alastair Poole (netstar)

Another evisum release. UI changes. The CPU window was redesigned then rewritten by raster. Also we have some weather if you can bare it ! There's a little homage to the bling theme.

E is currently undergoing a theme replacement, trying to balance between elements of the current default and the future flat theme.

  • Added CPU frequency scaling support.
  • Show kernel threads by default.
  • Add configurable poll time (see new menu).
  • CPU / Mem view respect polling settings.
  • Improve genlist behaviours.
  • Replaced the elm_menu with a better menu.
  • New per-core CPU window (thanks raster).
  • Some icons from bling (thanks raster).
  • Some photographs of skies (thanks raster).
  • Some animation, images and icons.
  • Add a mascot (Harvey my Australian dog).
  • Fix rare crash.
  • UI changes…
  • Other small fixes undocumented.

Evisum 0.5.5 Flat Theme Evisum 0.5.5 Default Theme


Hope you enjoy. Other elements to improve and follow…


https://download.enlightenment.org/rel/apps/evisum/evisum-0.5.5.tar.xz 9f6a4aff78a3fcddae0ca83d0c74dfef040cb442b3f59afa86bce33b906045c8