Enlightenment Foundation Libraries 1.26.3 Release

  • 2022-09-16 - by Carsten Haitzler

This is a bug-fix release.

efl-1.26.3.tar.xz d9f83aa0fd9334f44deeb4e4952dc0e5144683afac786feebce6030951617d15

What's New
  • Fix theme issues
  • Fix edje calc internal return values in some cases
  • Fix ecore-x netwm moveresize request handling
  • Fix ecore-x xkb handling to not leak
  • Fix new xkb event handling
  • Fix evas smart object to null out fields for safety
  • Fix elm null cnp object handling to not crash in odd cases
  • Fix ecore evas x11 dnd handling to not null out xdnd props
  • Fix data checkme file so relocation at runtime works again
  • Fix eina bt output to always have spaces between fields
  • Fix png loader on arm to not have rgb values when a is 0
  • Fix textgrid to guard against null glyphs
  • Fix ecore-x vblank to use current time not vlbank time
  • Fix emile to handle invalid compress types more gracefully
  • Fix compile warnings
  • Fix evas psd loader crash
  • Fix osx sample compile conf script options
  • Fix wl vsync timer to use current time not vblank time
  • Work around xwayland issue where synthetic events are not sent

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