Efl.Gfx.Hint (interface)


Efl graphics hint interface

Since 1.22


hint_align (get, set)

Hints for an object's alignment.
void efl_gfx_hint_align_get(const Eo *obj, double *x, double *y);
void efl_gfx_hint_align_set(Eo *obj, double x, double y);

hint_aspect (get, set)

Defines the aspect ratio to respect when scaling this object.
void efl_gfx_hint_aspect_get(const Eo *obj, Efl_Gfx_Hint_Aspect *mode, Eina_Size2D *sz);
void efl_gfx_hint_aspect_set(Eo *obj, Efl_Gfx_Hint_Aspect mode, Eina_Size2D sz);

hint_fill (get, set)

Hints for an object's fill property that used to specify "justify" or "fill" by some users. Efl.Gfx.Hint.hint_fill specify whether to fill the space inside the boundaries of a container/manager.
void efl_gfx_hint_fill_get(const Eo *obj, Eina_Bool *x, Eina_Bool *y);
void efl_gfx_hint_fill_set(Eo *obj, Eina_Bool x, Eina_Bool y);

hint_margin (get, set)

Hints for an object's margin or padding space.
void efl_gfx_hint_margin_get(const Eo *obj, int *l, int *r, int *t, int *b);
void efl_gfx_hint_margin_set(Eo *obj, int l, int r, int t, int b);

hint_size_combined_max (get)

Eina_Size2D efl_gfx_hint_size_combined_max_get(const Eo *obj);

hint_size_combined_min (get)

Eina_Size2D efl_gfx_hint_size_combined_min_get(const Eo *obj);

hint_size_max (get, set)

Hints on the object's maximum size.
Eina_Size2D efl_gfx_hint_size_max_get(const Eo *obj);
void efl_gfx_hint_size_max_set(Eo *obj, Eina_Size2D sz);

hint_size_min (get, set)

Hints on the object's minimum size.
Eina_Size2D efl_gfx_hint_size_min_get(const Eo *obj);
void efl_gfx_hint_size_min_set(Eo *obj, Eina_Size2D sz);

hint_size_restricted_max (get, set) protected set

Internal hints for an object's maximum size.
Eina_Size2D efl_gfx_hint_size_restricted_max_get(const Eo *obj);
void efl_gfx_hint_size_restricted_max_set(Eo *obj, Eina_Size2D sz);

hint_size_restricted_min (get, set) protected set

Internal hints for an object's minimum size.
Eina_Size2D efl_gfx_hint_size_restricted_min_get(const Eo *obj);
void efl_gfx_hint_size_restricted_min_set(Eo *obj, Eina_Size2D sz);

hint_weight (get, set)

Hints for an object's weight.
void efl_gfx_hint_weight_get(const Eo *obj, double *x, double *y);
void efl_gfx_hint_weight_set(Eo *obj, double x, double y);