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Terminology 1.2.1 Release

  • 2018-05-14 - by Boris Faure

I am pleased to release Terminology 1.2.1 today!

  • Fix focus issues when input was not registering
  • User-defined tab titles stay even when terminal wants change it
  • Themes no longer have glow effect when unfocused
Terminology 1.2.1 XZ ac8673a129ed78ef669a8c04e7a136f5ca95226ce5ef375a451421bac41828c6

Terminology 1.2.0 Release

  • 2018-04-15 - by Boris Faure

I am pleased to release Terminology 1.2.0 today!

  • New build system based on Meson
  • Add Nord theme
  • Add tysend tool and support escapes for sending single files
  • Grouped input support with Alt+g and Alt+Shift+g
  • Different cursor shapes: block (default), underline and bar
  • Support REP (Repeat preceding character) escape code
  • Support HPA (Horizontal Position Absolute) escape code
  • Support encircled escape code (SGR 52)
  • Support DECSCUSR (changing cursor shape)
  • When grabbing images through gravatar, use https
  • Shine level is configurable
  • Support EFL 1.20 or newer only
  • Approximate true-colors
  • Escape code fixes
  • More focus fixes

The new cursor choices in image:

 Cursor examples

Terminology 1.2.0 XZ bd1a50e43fe8078ccf1553397cb977d0b44026ea06aaa1a7c2c142450b25834f
Building and Dependencies

Beware, the building system has changed! It is now using meson. To compile, do the following:

meson build
cd build
ninja install

Note: Terminology 1.2.0 depends on EFL v1.20 or newer.

Enlightenment DR 0.22.3 Release

  • 2018-03-23 by Simon Lees

This is a bugfix and stability release for the Enlightenment 22 Release series. This release is mostly to fix a lock screen regression in the 0.22.2 release.

Tickets Addressed
T6779 lock broken in 0.22.2
T6784 enlightenment_open still uses deprecated defaults.list

Carsten Haitzler (5):

  • fix autofoo build to match e auth patch backport
  • desklock - make it fail to lock on non-bsd platforms if no pam support
  • e desklock pam error - go back to previous text
  • move from data_home/apps/defaults.list to config_home/mimeapps.list
  • build - make pam a requirement on non-bsd unless disabled

Derek Foreman (1):

  • Revert no-longer required pulseaudio hack for wayland
Enlightenment DR 0.22.3 XZ 4d81e583073d74474b7a960b01cb596716a43cca2fadca7d1e5c91f4cf6efe9b

Building… Building… Clunk

Building and Dependencies

If you have an existing EFL or Elementary install, you may wish to delete its header files and libraries before compiling and installing to avoid possible conflicts during compilation. Please compile the dependencies in the following order (click for README):

Note: E22 depends on EFL v1.20.5 or newer.

Enlightenment DR 0.22.2 Release

  • 2018-03-15 by Simon Lees

This is a bugfix and stability release for the Enlightenment 22 Release series.

Tickets Addressed
T5910 systray related crashes
T6202 luncher: popup focus issue.
T6211 Login with wrong password possible! “Authentication via PAM had errors setting up the authentication session. The error code was 11”
T6259 BSD CPUClock bryce gadget - arrow moves in the opposite direction
T6328 luncher preview issues
T6414 e moves and resizes maximized windows on restart
T6454 Copy Paste freezes E.
T6617 Better check for evas gl support
T6619 Black flicker between E's splash screen and desktop
T6623 moving gadgets around multiple times crashes E
T6633 make it simpler to report bugs
T6644 wayland / xwayland issues
T6721 Make Bryce Less like a pogostick
T6722 lockscreen gadgets are not shown on “startup lockscreen” and “suspend lockscreen”
T6723 window borders doesn't accept edje icons

Al Poole (5):

  • conf_theme: show appropriate background list.
  • build: fix meson build on FreeBSD.
  • luncher: fix slider on mouse scroll.
  • sysinfo: fix cpuclock for BSD.
  • sysinfo: fix linux build.

Andy Williams (1):

  • Remove E_BITFIELD as it is not present on this branch

Carsten Haitzler (6):

  • e client - fix initial placement of override redirect windows in x….
  • e come client - actually set placed more generally…
  • init anim - fix sudden vanish of init splash in some cases
  • e auth - move all auth to child process only (e_ckpasswd).
  • e systray/indicator protocol pixmap data fetch fix
  • systray - fix sizing of tray so you can see the icons

Christopher Michael (5):

  • conf-randr: No need to set this variable twice
  • vkbd: Remove whitespace
  • vkbd: Fix null pointer dereference
  • wl-drm: get screen geometry after e_comp_wl_init is called
  • wl-drm: sort screen modes and assign zone->output

Derek Foreman (1):

  • Fix potential NULL pointer dereference

Marcel Hollerbach (5):

  • libtool: uninstall: rm -f /home/simon/src/devel/enlightenment/enlightenment-0.22.2/_inst/lib64/enlightenment/modules/conf_shelves/linux-gnu-x86_64-0.22/modul * meson: fix build
  • meson: wl_drm now requires libdrm
  • build: enable -lintl if we find it
  • build: fix build on picky systems
  • build: enter po subdir

Massimo Maiurana (2):

  • Give to gettext correct options to make it able to run.
  • Updating italian translation

Mike Blumenkrantz (31):

  • simplify icon suffix detection in vkbd module
  • refactor E_Storage finding for efm/eeze volumes in backend
  • protect against null deref when emitting efm/eeze error messages
  • print error when failing to unlink efm/eeze mount point after unmount
  • protect against null deref when setting proxy vars in connman module
  • make xwl data offer writing async
  • use e_zone_desk_useful_geometry_get() for all client maximize geometry fetching
  • unset E_Client->changes.pos when attempting to maximize a new re_manage client
  • add a lot of null checks to wayland egl init
  • sort gadgets alphabetically in gadget editor
  • consider gadget ctxpopups as normal popups for callback purposes
  • clear visible gadget popups when triggering a gadget action
  • fix some crashes with start gadget deletion
  • block gadget site layouts on moving gadgets which are not on the pointer site
  • clamp large windows to desk's useful geometry if smart placement fails
  • use normal emotion function to determine playability of e_thumb files
  • add menu item for reporting bugs
  • fix notification crashes when a callback isn't specified
  • don't do x11 window grab for fps counter when running in wayland mode
  • toggle x_fatal variable when xwayland crashes
  • further protect against crashes when xwayland crashes
  • print notifications to stderr if a notification handler doesn't exist
  • resolve even more null derefs from string parsing in vkbd
  • use the current pointer client for the xwayland drag client if owner is unmapped
  • disable bounce for gadget bar scrollers
  • use per-instance event handler for batman powersave eventing
  • process comp object hide/show signals immediately during intercept
  • do not add gadget editor pointer site to editor del_list
  • always unset pass_events on desktop editor when it is shown
  • fix luncher efreet event handling
  • remove adding theme extension for “default” theme on startup

Ross Vandegrift (1):

  • clean up .desktop files and misc typos

Samuel F. Baggen (1):

  • Fix for window borders to accept edje icons

Stefan Schmidt (3):

  • README: no need to mention elementary as dependency
  • meson: make it possible to set the path for eldbus-codegen
  • meson: make it possible to set the path for eet

Stephen Houston (1):

  • Luncher: Add a timeout for mousing out when preview already exists. Update preview on deskswitch.
Enlightenment DR 0.22.2 XZ 4d581ef85246f0cba003427bb9b3758e3de137babea1cdd2affd70a2cbe1632c

The Richie Benaud Release.

Building and Dependencies

If you have an existing EFL or Elementary install, you may wish to delete its header files and libraries before compiling and installing to avoid possible conflicts during compilation. Please compile the dependencies in the following order (click for README):

Note: E22 depends on EFL v1.20.5 or newer.

EFL 1.20.7 release

  • 2018-03-01 - by Stefan Schmidt

Our seventh update on the 1.20 release.

  • ecore ipc/con: fix nasty … they dont mutually exclude
  • evas: Fix potential crash with draw context
  • disable async mode (use sync mode) for ibus when keymap changes
  • eio: make inotify monitors fork-safe
  • ecore-file: make monitoring truly fork-safe
  • efl-wl: unset kbd mods changed flag after sending modifiers
  • efl-wl: fix no-op of setting keyboard enter on already-entered surface
  • ecore-x: re-add implementation of ecore_x_connection_get()
  • ecore-x: filter XkbNewKeyboardNotifyEvent before emitting ecore-x event
  • elementary config: Fix to use ELEMENTARY_BASE_DIR for configure path
  • ecore-x: add more null checks for functions
  • ecore-x: perform internal shutdown on io error if callback is set
  • ecore-wl2: correctly translate spacebar keyname into key events (T6620)
  • efl-wl: immediately unset a destroyed surface's cursor
  • efl-wl: remove some broken logic for activating toplevel parents
  • efl-wl: set event ON_HOLD flag when they are sent to a surface
  • efl-wl: propagate surface activation back to parent if child is hidden
  • efl-wl: send more mouse buttons to clients
  • efl theme - fix bug in e init splash that would do hide anim 2x (T6619)
  • ecore-drm2: return supported rotations if not using hardware
  • ecore-drm2: Fix enabling outputs
  • ecore evas init - init ecore then evas not the other way…
  • emotion: unset DISPLAY when loading an engine under wayland (T6418)
  • elm: fix memleak in combobox
  • ecore_con: bug workaround SO_REUSEADDR and EADDRINUSE from bind (fix)
  • eina: fix random segfaults when displaying BT
  • eldbus test - del not unref obj as it has a parent …
  • eeze: Remove unused device variables
  • eeze: Don't leak udev enumeration
  • eina: Fix typo in doxygen
  • ecore-evas-drm: Check for XDG_SEAT existence (T6455)
  • eina_file: make sure we use a stringshare when virtualized. (T6449)
  • elm ifrace scrollable - fix uninitialized values on scroll asjust
  • eo - by default on 64bit only use 47 bits because of luajit
  • elm_code_widget: make sure the widget is cleared properly. (T6185)
  • elm_code_widget: keep track of visibility.
  • edje - entry - fix empty item handling (T6668)
efl-1.20.7.tar.xz b0a9b765bcd7b012f1072da1d491fc8671aa089473f746901d93f5807a2c76fe

Rage Video and Media Player 0.3.0 Release

  • 2017-12-28 - by Raster

This is a new release of Rage 0.3.0 with bug fixes of course and some new features like Mpris2 dbus API support, a move to meson as the build system.


What's New

  • Mpris 2 dbus support
  • Improvements in browser mode
  • Move to meson build system

EFL 1.20.6 release

  • 2017-11-23 - by Stefan Schmidt

Our sixth update on the 1.20 release.

  • efl ui win - make win centering work with multiple screens (T6323)
  • edje_cc: fix a memory leak issue when edje_cc writes images
  • evas gl generic/common - add more linking for gles mode to fix deb build (T6158)
  • edje_edit: duplicate assignment to variable.
  • ecore_wayland: fix assigned value is never used.
  • evas: Prevent crash with image_data_get (T5957)
  • elm_code_widget: make sure the widget is cleared properly. (T6185)
  • ecore_wl2: Remove just the flush from the idle handler (T6250)
  • elm_tooltip: set parent window for windowed tooltips
  • efl_wl: more closely follow wl spec for input regions
  • efl_wl: destroy extant shell surface upon surface deletion
  • ecore_cocoa: fix the backspace key
  • edje_cc: fix errors in documentation
  • edje_cc: add missing default values to documentation
  • edje_cc: fix color2 and color3 descriptions
  • edje_cc: fix state.no_render description
  • edje_cc: parse “fixed” as bool
  • edje_cc: fix incorrect type in minmul defaults
  • edje_cc: fix color_class description
  • edje_cc: move part_remove and program_remove to group
  • edje_cc: fix default color_class colors
  • edje_cc: fix spelling
  • edje_cc: make bool parsing consistent
  • edje_cc: make color parsing consistent
  • edje_cc: move box and table properties documentation
  • edje_cc: limit map.zoom to non-negative values
  • edje_cc: fix text.align description
  • edje_cc: fix program.filter description
  • edje_cc: fix item.max parsing
  • ecore-drm2: Fix issue of not being able to set output mode
  • evas-software-generic: Check for render engine function before calling
  • emotion: Fix data race condition (CID1381624)
  • ector: use cairo_pattern_add_color_stop_rgba in gradient_radial
  • efl_gfx_path: fix typo in _path_bounds_get
  • efl net - handle proxy helper fails better and abort proxy lookups
  • Ctxpopup: resizing ctxpopup after its content is removed (T6327)
  • genlist: fix state corruption of content
efl-1.20.6.tar.xz 56c67ea77435753a4f324a0a13488ba58f4ed7eb35a97c1a354fdc79c39a32c1

Enlightenment DR 0.22.1 Release

  • 2017-11-22 by Simon Lees

This is a bugfix and stability release for the Enlightenment 22 Release series.

Tickets Addressed
T5883 screen blank: mouse click broken after waking from screem blank.
T6258 E22 freezes on bryce manipulations
T6288 Luncher app popup doesn't update from different VD
T6316 enlightenment-0.22.0/src/bin/e_intl.c: unbounded file read ?
T6322 No input on Logout problems window.

Carsten Haitzler (4):

  • e sys - frix warning for less noise
  • hits: silence warnings about possible null string for strcmp
  • fix mouse hangs after unblank
  • music-control - install properly with meson build with icon

Marcel Hollerbach (2):

  • meson: make those scripts executable
  • meson: this version is enough for the things we use in the moment

Massimo Maiurana (1):

  • Adding danish strings to desktop files

Mike Blumenkrantz (15):

  • create wl output resource when running in wl nested
  • unset wayland cursor for all pointers when running nested in wl
  • show internal pointer cursor whenever resetting to internal cursor
  • make wl_pointer cursor handling state-based to correctly handle cursor visuals
  • update README with meson instructions
  • check meson module option state before executing subdir
  • improve meson build module disabling
  • add field width limits to all fscanf params in e_intlc.
  • destroy luncher iconify provider on gadget delete
  • do not add iconify provider for luncher when creating a demo gadget
  • requeue client for render if show animation completes and damages exist
  • avoid performing client rescales during shutdown
  • prevent double shutdown of x11 compositor in xwayland mode
  • always emit E_EVENT_COMP_OBJECT_ADD events
  • use last client from E_Exec_Instance list when updating luncher popups
Enlightenment DR 0.22.1 XZ 207b6b88dafc4932ab007a835510823c5a1dd8c191876ac037628176ca77a7e0

Left behind, somewhere over that rainbow.

Building and Dependencies

If you have an existing EFL or Elementary install, you may wish to delete its header files and libraries before compiling and installing to avoid possible conflicts during compilation. Please compile the dependencies in the following order (click for README):

Note: E22 depends on EFL v1.20.5 or newer.

Enlightenment DR 0.21.11 Release

  • 2017-11-09 by Simon Lees

This is the last general bugfix and stability release for the Enlightenment 21 Release series, we recommend users move to the Enlightenment 22 Release series.

Tickets Addressed
T3649 “Suspend even if AC” not working
T4510 Edge Bindings - left click action seem to override other button
T4648 Lock screen gadget issues.
T4988 The Everything crash
T5076 Incorrect desktop files
T5593 Xwayland
T5953 Alternative to prepending E_BIN_DIR to PATH
T5974 Cannot resize bryce (ALT+Scrolling thing)
T5998 Bryce: Resizing SEGV
T6006 Shaded window state broken on E restart
T6023 Crash on resize across multiple monitors with tiling enabled
T6024 Win appears on the wrong VD with remebers
T6071 E wayland mode - launching apps like terminology always leads to ibar icon being “disabled/busy starting”
T6122 Xwayland startup apps crash on E start
T6125 Issues with the lock screen.
T6151 Enlightenment 22 crashing after some tim
T6157 e cursors broken in x
T6197 enlightenment is nonresponsive after entering password on lock screen
T6242 Selecting text in Terminology crashes E.

Carsten Haitzler (6):

  • fix up window+screen positioning fixup so it doesnt catch other clients
  • e start - fix path prepend/append if already in path assuming clue
  • tiling - ensure notification struct is 0'd before use
  • battery modules - actually set ac power flag based on ac presence
  • e main - xdg runtime dir fixup - dont overwrite same buffer
  • nvidia driver workaround atexit handlers for pam auth

Chidambar Zinnoury (2):

  • e remote: Fix script’s execution rights.
  • e menu: Fix missing realize when using key-activation to the right.

Derek Foreman (4):

  • Fix crash when processing a wayland client cursor set after death
  • Fix xwayland related crash when mousing out of a window
  • Clear stored root window id when shutting down X
  • Fix crash on wayland logout if xwayland hasn't started yet

Mike Blumenkrantz (46):

  • use animator del function to delete comp object animators
  • handle shade ↔ unshade toggling in same frame
  • resolve desktop spec issues with emixer.desktop
  • use EC_CHANGED when setting changed flag in client idler
  • hide clients again after show in idler if clients are on hidden desk
  • block recursive mouse eventing in bryce action handlers
  • handle unmovable gadgets in gadget move action
  • flag zone/edge mouse binding activation with ON_HOLD
  • fix clickable edge binding activation with other mouse buttons
  • remove fdo interfaces from music control dbus xml
  • don't perform zone updates on client resize
  • remove input-only client fastpath to resize crashes
  • use client geometry for visibility effect geometry, not comp object geometry
  • emit E_EVENT_EXEC_NEW_CLIENT with phony exes
  • don't show xwayland clients unconditionally on commit
  • defer wl startup apps until after xwayland init completes
  • do ecore-x shutdown on xwayland shutdown
  • redo bryce eventing
  • deduplicate global gadget handler variables
  • block gadget configuration unconditionally while desklock is active
  • set comp object alpha state when applying native surface
  • add max size input rects for wl clients on creation
  • handle x11 shaped input under xwayland
  • set default cursor on root window for xwl pointer
  • Revert “disable option for mouse to use Application theme if we are running in Wayland”
  • move 'show cursor' option in mouse settings inside frame
  • do not show cursor theme options in wayland compositor mode
  • move cursor theme options into separate frame
  • check for non-wl compositor when forcing application cursors onto pointers
  • always use e cursor theme for canvas pointers
  • recreate x11 root pointer when changing application↔enlightenment theme
  • add render update when showing clients if damages exist
  • add client refs for the nocomp client
  • do not unqueue render when deleting a client's render update
  • ignore set_input_region requests for wl surfaces which are cursors or drags
  • set null input regions for surfaces upon calling set_cursor or start_drag
  • null wl clipboard+selection source pointers when destroying clipboard source
  • cancel wl selections after removing destroy listener
  • move x11 compositor cleanup into shutdown function
  • unset client's mouse-in state on mouse out even while fullscreen or deleted
  • send wl pointer leave for deleted clients if viable
  • unset xwayland client changes.pos flag during xwl->wl switch if client is unplaced
  • block wl modal window destructor from intercepting xwl modal windows
  • handle more mouse buttons under wayland
  • explicitly free client animation agent object during fullscreen operation
  • Revert “handle x11 shaped input under xwayland”

Stephen 'Okra' Houston (1):

  • E Exe: Semi revert 2082bb51d3abffd991b4d791ace2567888e2e9fb. The ref count was off to begin with.
Enlightenment DR 0.21.11 XZ 821267281fc7821107f524a73f5bab98942300e50cd4c1c8ff15b2c98b448354
Enlightenment DR 0.21.11 GZ 5f26514cc8cbc33d9fa16afd0b36bec6d9b1b149b6ffd340c27b7f22ce26584b

Tis the season for releasing.

Building and Dependencies

If you have an existing EFL or Elementary install, you may wish to delete its header files and libraries before compiling and installing to avoid possible conflicts during compilation. Please compile the dependencies in the following order (click for README):

Note: E21 depends on EFL v1.17 or newer for X11 compositing although v1.18 is recommended and v1.18 is required for Wayland support.

Enlightenment DR 0.22.0 Release

  • 2017-11-02 - by Mike


  • Greatly improved Wayland support
  • Improvements to new gadget infrastructure
  • Added a sudo/ssh askpass utility gui
  • meson build system
  • tiling policy improvements
  • integrated per-window volume controls

Tickets Addressed:

Ticket Description
T1420 Backlight level not restored when resuming from suspend on some hardware
T1526 Click “Setup Selected Input Methord” Has No Response
T1571 Llibreoffice slide presentation mode don't understand enlightenment multi-screen
T1931 Using Mouse warping and Automatic Raise results in broken behaviour
T2126 Scroll wheel on long menus
T2452 Resize with keyboard completely borked.
T2579 Resize with keyboard works the opposite way.
T2879 Logout/power off popup window resizes.
T3031 Setting scale and geometry can lead to unexpected results
T3093 Enabling Custom Font Classes in enlightenment makes GTK Application text tiny
T3144 calling canvas event feed functions during a post event callback breaks the canvas
T3164 Mouse pointer warps on window resize using key bindings
T3291 Begin move/resize on overlay gadget doesn't work on secondary screen
T3495 Inconsistent window focus when switching desktops with multiple screens
T3649 “Suspend even if AC” not working
T3682 color class editor widget broken (regression)
T3842 Preview popup glitch.
T4007 Calculator in everything launcher lags by a keypress
T4097 Borderless terminology does not obey window placement rules (non-wayland)
T4112 EFL OpenBSD crash run enlightenment_fm
T4119 Invalid Argument on spin_trylock
T4121 EFL ecore_exe_terminate lost signal!
T4189 Internal windows maximize remember
T4216 Incomplete message
T4293 Blured previews of video.
T4297 E crash from closing Qt app
T4298 E: fix build issue without libuuid
T4339 bryce scaling broken
T4358 elm.Window do not update the borderless state correctly
T4430 Xwayland in Enlightenment doesn't display anythin
T4439 Can't reboot or shut down when xwayland module is running.
T4479 Enlightenment should check if PIE is supported
T4499 shelf tiling gadget doesn't do anything / overlay on wrong screen
T4509 IBar don't wor
T4510 Edge Bindings - left click action seem to override other button
T4512 Window remembers don't work on Wayland
T4522 Alt-scroll desktop flipping not functioning intermittently
T4524 IBar Icons disapear on some e restarts / theme changes
T4543 E21+ E_FM Preview Freeze
T4544 ibar icons no longer dpi scale
T4632 E Pager not Updating BG
T4647 Enlightenment + vertical shelf containing only IBar has 0 pixel content height
T4648 Lock screen gadget issues.
T4655 Gadget settings bork lock screen
T4687 ctxpopup doesn't report accurate size with evas_object_geometry_get()
T4716 E git crasg
T4732 Bryce autosize glitch.
T4733 Enlightenment IBar sizing issue
T4747 elm box size hints can desync
T4784 Bryces on second monitor do not survive on E restart
T4786 New Pager on desktop inverted direction
T4787 New Pager unusable on second monitor
T4790 Luncher app icon popup too slow
T4797 EFM: “Confirm Delete” dialog not focuse
T4798 E_fm Crash
T4804 Luncher window popup goes beyond screen limits.
T4806 Luncher behavior when you have iconified apps
T4807 Bryce pager multiscreen issue
T4809 Bryce resizing issue
T4810 Changing logical positionning of a Bryce render it unusable.
T4815 EFM Crash Preview (file is fifo) w/patch
T4819 Bryces set the be below window appear under desktop gadgets
T4821 Two sound sources of the same pid are now synchornized
T4826 Bryces mispositioned when re-running the wizard
T4830 first and last ibar icons clipped out
T4831 Pager: switching between virtual desktops via keyboard shows wrong snapshots
T4885 Enlightenment XDG Session startup file is missing
T4887 Chromium Full Screen - Freeze
T4893 Enlightenment. Cursor Falsely Keeps Cursor Animation
T4916 Luncher popups get stuck and can crash E.
T4939 GTK menus broken as hell
T4945 E Build Break (tempget threading newness)
T4958 GTK apps crash on start.
T4960 pager crashes on reorient
T4963 Annoying crash in Luncher
T4966 GTK menus take 2.
T4970 Luncher confused with a few apps
T4988 The Everything crash
T4991 After compiling from GIT sourc
T5003 Internal window icons don't appear on the Luncher …
T5007 E Wizard Crash - Linux and OpenBSD (X11)
T5031 E crashing on “Exit” “Restart” “Desktop Icon” w/tasks
T5033 Luncher crash
T5041 Gadger ibar icons incorrectly aligned
T5044 wayland + fullscreen broken
T5060 Pager does not allow to configure number of VD's
T5076 Incorrect desktop files
T5077 Gadget edit sizing
T5094 e + touchscreen - actually tried it before?
T5097 Closing iconified apps doesn't make them dissapear from the popup
T5136 Crash After Adding Luncher to Bryce
T5188 Lots of setxkbmap processes slowing down system
T5235 Wayland mode - e client destruction is broken
T5242 Crash when exiting E
T5258 Could not npen X11 socket connection.
T5262 Enlightenment crashes when launching bryce configuration
T5288 Can't select custom wallpaper on non-primary displays
T5295 Window position not remebered
T5298 e crashes on “mute on lock” in emixer setting
T5340 EFM → Delete → Crash (race)
T5348 Hid
T5350 Naviframe/portal support in Wayland Enlightenment
T5370 Windows application on wine doesn't render the window properly
T5377 Launcher: sometimes popups are frozen and prevent bryce autohide
T5418 image native_surface_set() does not set load error on failure
T5442 Support proxy configuration via connman
T5444 elm_win_iconified_set(Elm_Win *ob
T5464 Screen doesn\'t blank if “disable blanking for fullscreen windows” is o
T5483 Ctrl+Alt + Fx and then back to F1 doesn't work on wayland
T5485 Enlightenment can not be compiled on Solaris
T5500 mixer does not initialize in editor (gadget versio
T5521 E SIGABORTS when starting elementary_test from the tree
T5544 Restart/Remember issue with open app.
T5552 Edge bindings with “Drag only” -option don\'t work
T5593 Xwayland
T5599 E: crash
T5600 sysinfo gadgets can set invalid aspect
T5601 bryce - remove clock SEGV
T5604 E screen lock unlocks with empty or wrong password
T5606 webgl in browsers unusable
T5654 Pager doesn't live update
T5664 emixer issus/wishes
T5666 Bryces migrate to primary display when secondary displays removed
T5669 luncher: preview sizing issues
T5678 image rendering fails with no feedback and then never renders
T5693 gadgets: gadget list popup dismiss crash
T5694 sysinfo gadgets misuse ecore_thread api
T5700 time module: day does not change on change of date.
T5707 Dual display monitor isssues with resolution and displays being on/off
T5714 Screen freezes during fade to blank.
T5737 Caps lock message on the lock screen doesn't turn off.
T5738 E drops to tty when using arrows or backspace in Xwayland
T5739 Broken input on internal windows.
T5741 Luncher preview doesn't respected the alpha state of a window
T5769 skipping a window in taskbar is only applied when realoding the taskbar
T5770 DND borked for efl apps.
T5780 ecore_wayland: check to support aux_hint(auxiliary hint) for wayland surface
T5796 stop abusing wizard in gadgets
T5806 Enlightenment stopped rendering
T5816 sysinfo gadget issues
T5817 Enlightenment 0.21.9 (pre release) issues changing virtual desktops
T5845 Internal windows broken
T5850 efl + weston and efl + framerate is really bad
T5851 New Gadgets: Analogue Clock (show seconds hand)
T5871 Everything closes on focus
T5877 gadget popup: display on wrong screen.
T5878 Impossible to use Everything
T5886 crash in drop callback will crash WM
T5889 cannot add bryce with simoteks theme + crash
T5891 efm: directory hover preview sizing issue.
T5914 Bryce should allow freedom of gadget placement in full screen width
T5929 E: shade (sw engine) fails to redraw
T5937 Gadgets That use comp object mirrors of windows don't show/update correctly until the window has been focused
T5945 Bryce: mixer gadget popup (
T5948 luncher: preview sizing issues
T5952 elm parenting fails
T5953 Alternative to prepending E_BIN_DIR to PATH
T5957 E segfault when opening virtualbox console
T5969 Putting mouse on desktop edge doesn't work anymore after connecting external screen
T5970 Crash when closing from the bar popup.
T5973 Spacer Gadget does better job locking in contents on either side
T5974 Cannot resize bryce (ALT+Scrolling thing)
T5975 Wireless Bryce Gadget - Don't always show bluetooth?
T5977 Junk DPMs garbage + blanking timeouts totally broken + junk frames
T5984 E switch desktop while resizing windows (it should not)
T5988 enlightenment: Crashes when toggling guake
T5991 E window remember dialog a bit broken
T5993 shelf popup
T5998 Bryce: Resizing SEGV
T6006 Shaded window state broken on E restart
T6023 Crash on resize across multiple monitors with tiling enabled
T6024 Win appears on the wrong VD with remebers
T6070 E - Wayland mode - internal windows stop rendering
T6071 E wayland mode - launching apps like terminology always leads to ibar icon being “disabled/busy starting“
T6072 Firefox automatically resizing itself above shelves
T6074 Luncher: Preview Size Request
T6075 Luncher: preview issue
T6122 Xwayland startup apps crash on E start
T6125 Issues with the lock screen.
T6151 Enlightenment 22 crashing after some tim
T6157 e cursors broken in x
T6210 e 22+ meson: Program ”/usr/sbin/” not found or not executable
T6242 Selecting text in Terminology crashes E
Enlightenment DR 0.22.0 XZ 1b3eb9db7dd9c41b90e9ab67be875ea300e13774503fecdd692d96917ddeb976
Building and Dependencies

If you have an existing EFL install, you may wish to delete its header files and libraries before compiling and installing to avoid possible conflicts during compilation.

Note: E22 depends on EFL v1.20.5 or newer.

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