Enventor v0.9.0 Release

  • 2016-06-07 - by Hermet Park

New version of Enventor released!

Demo Video
Changes since Enventor 0.8.0:


  • Mirror Mode: Newly introduced.
  • File Browser: Newly introduced.
  • Live Edit: Support Auto-Align feature.
  • Live Edit: Support relative_to among the exist parts.
  • Live Edit: Support Fixed Width & Height Interface.
  • Live Edit: Add Edge Attaching Effect.
  • Template: Add a Watchface code.


  • Live Edit: Improve part name for more formal naming rule.
  • Live Edit: Support direction key for moving live edit object item per pixels.
  • Live Edit: Do not highlight part during live edit mode.
  • Template: Remove a duplicated image comment to look better.
  • Syntax Color: Improve string syntax color logic.
  • Console: Hide unnecessary error messages.
  • RedoUndo: Enhance smart function to support auto indentation.
  • RedoUndo: Enable smart analyze for a pushed region text.
  • Setting: Redesign GUI.
  • Setting: Set Error-Message-Red-Alert-Effect configurable.
  • About: Redesign from About to Help.
  • EDC Navigator: Provide a program launch/stop functions.
  • EDC Navigator: Redesign its basic tree behavior.
  • Enventor API: renamed from enventor_object_file_set() → enventor_object_main_file_set()
  • Tools: Support a template insert button.
  • Don't overwrite existing EDC with new template code.
  • EDC Editor: Turned off focus highlight effect.


  • Setting: Fix to activate edc navigator toggle correctly.
  • Setting: Show current font correctly.
  • EDC Navigator: Fix the editor cursor jumping issue.
  • EDC Navigator: Compare name elaborately to search the part correctly.
  • Statusbar: Fix view sizing issue when an invert button is clicked repeatedly.
  • Indentation: Check '\r' when indented code line is created on Windows.
  • Indentation: Fix to calculate indent depth after multi line comment.
  • Indentation: Fix to paste a word at correct position.
  • EDC Editor: Fix a crash issue on Windows when preview part on live view is clicked.
  • EDC Editor: Compare name elaborately to search the clicked part correctly.
  • Live Edit: Fix malfunction of key input on Windows.
  • Live Edit: Fix center guide text positioning problem.
  • Live View: Update dummpy part when removing all source code.
  • RedoUndo: Correct work with unicode symbols.
  • Template: Fix the error of line position when inserting group template.
  • Template: Fix line count of textblock part inserted in live edit mode.
  • Template: Fix to insert template code to the correct place.
  • EDC Parser: Fix wrong minimum value of “base_scale”
  • EDC Parser: Fix a crash issue when double click words on Windows.
  • Ctxpopup: Fix a broken preview image relay behavior.
  • Ctxpopup: Block whole area if the editor ctxpopup is activated.
  • Ctxpopup: Don't display image previews if the selected image string is in comments.
  • Auto Completion: Fix its list moved to selected part name position.
  • Fix a crash issue when removing all code in edc editor.
  • Fix a complation issue when new empty file is opened.
  • Fix a color selector to scalable.
Enventor 0.9.0 GZIP c4a9511ed707f6849dcc6d4c8f260095fb54cba2e5baa977d54d32bdee187abb
Enventor 0.9.0 XZ 3e066cd10f370b8de127cb31c0ab72723950d323449c7d3a88e32882b31bd19d

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