Terminology 1.2.0 Release

  • 2018-04-15 - by Boris Faure

I am pleased to release Terminology 1.2.0 today!

  • New build system based on Meson
  • Add Nord theme
  • Add tysend tool and support escapes for sending single files
  • Grouped input support with Alt+g and Alt+Shift+g
  • Different cursor shapes: block (default), underline and bar
  • Support REP (Repeat preceding character) escape code
  • Support HPA (Horizontal Position Absolute) escape code
  • Support encircled escape code (SGR 52)
  • Support DECSCUSR (changing cursor shape)
  • When grabbing images through gravatar, use https
  • Shine level is configurable
  • Support EFL 1.20 or newer only
  • Approximate true-colors
  • Escape code fixes
  • More focus fixes

The new cursor choices in image:

 Cursor examples

Terminology 1.2.0 XZ bd1a50e43fe8078ccf1553397cb977d0b44026ea06aaa1a7c2c142450b25834f
Building and Dependencies

Beware, the building system has changed! It is now using meson. To compile, do the following:

meson build
cd build
ninja install

Note: Terminology 1.2.0 depends on EFL v1.20 or newer.

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