Arch Linux + Enlightenment for Raspberry Pi

  • 2019-07-29 - by Carsten Haitzler

 Arch Linux + Enlightenment for Raspberry Pi Setup Screen

This is a first cut at a pre-built Arch Linux disk image for the Raspberry Pi with Enlightenment, EFL, Terminology and Rage all installed from git (as AUR packages). It includes a setup tool to configure the system to your liking in basic ways. It sets up a repository for updates of the overlaid/added AUR packages used as well as regular Arch Linux ARM (alarm).

This should work on the Raspberry Pi 2 and 3. It will not work on the Raspberry Pi 4 as Arch Linux ARM still is missing full support at the base. It also will not work on the Raspberry Pi 1 or Zero as these are ARMv6 based. In future I imagine the Raspberry Pi 4 will work, but not at this point. It is a 32bit ARMv7 image, not 64bit (aarch64).

You can download the pre-made disk image here:

Arch Linux ARMv7 32bit for Raspberry Pi disk image XZ

To install this on a MicroSD card, simply plug one into some card reader you have and do the following, simply replacing /dev/sdX with the correct device for your MicroSD card. You will need at least a 4GB card for this to work, but larger cards will give you more room to install packages and user files later on.

xz -d ArchLinuxARM-Rpi-ARMv7-Enlightenment-Wayland.img.xz
dd if=ArchLinuxARM-Rpi-ARMv7-Enlightenment-Wayland.img of=/dev/sdX bs=4M status=progress conv=fdatasync oflag=sync

Once the above dd command complete, power down your Raspberry Pi, plug the card in, then power it up and wait for the desktop to come up. Double-click on the “Install & Setup” icon on the desktop to begin the setup process. Please forgive the roughness of this tool as it's a first-cut shell script to be replaced in future by a proper GUI tool.

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