Terminology 1.6.0 Release

  • 2019-11-16 - by Boris Faure
“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

With 95 new commits, Terminology 1.6.0 is ready. It packs UI improvements around tabs and splits, a welcome wizard to adjust the scaling factor, translation updates and its load of fixes. During development of this release, Terminology's Twitter account @_Terminology_ was created.

  • Show title tab on splits, depending on configuration
  • Show tabs that had a bell rang and had not been focused
  • Add wizard on new configuration to set scaling
  • Add scale configuration in the Settings panel
  • Add Polish translation
  • Themes: make tab title readable based on theme default colors
  • Move the tab selector on the tab line
  • Be able to select and copy tabs
  • Better handle stalled unix socket when using one terminology with multiple instances
  • Change `typop` behavior to queue files in case there are multiple files to look at
  • Update Italian translation
  • Fix live selections in the scrollback
  • Fix unchecking `auto-hide cursor` not working
  • Fix memory leaks related to looking for links under the mouse
  • Ensure Terminology compiles with `EFL-1.20`
  • Fix link detection over spaces
  • Fix tab selector no longer taking into account the new destination
  • Fix crash when using `typop` with multiple files
  • No longer set environment variable `DESKTOP_STARTUP_ID` as it may no longer be accurate
  • Allow tabs to be pasted
Terminology 1.6.0 XZ b95cb05653afe0dad77fc038a8d5276c02a9c08d64ac97ddf0cee8087d27bd77
In action

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