Terminology 1.9.0 Release

  • 2021-01-18 - by Boris Faure
“Shoot for the stars, but if you happen to miss, shoot for the moon instead.” ― Neil Armstrong

Winter with its long nights can be hard but can also bring some nice improvements to Terminology! The detailed change log lists them below:

  • Colorshemes: easily change the colors of the terminal
  • Add the following color schemes: Tango Dark, Tango light, Dracula, Belafonte Day, Belafonte Night, Material, Fahrenheit, Tomorrow Night Burns, PaleNight, Soft Era, One Dark, Cobalt2
  • New translations: Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, Norwegian Bokmål,

Russian and Ukrainian

  • Handle OSC 12 to change the cursor color
  • Translation updates for Catalan, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, French,

German, Italian, Spanish

  • Add font search in the fonts panel
  • Set TERM to xterm_256color by default
  • Focus simplifications when going into the settings
  • Tests: better compatibility with debian-based systems
  • Fix tyls with png/jpg thumbnails
Terminology 1.9.0 XZ 3f3bc327da5cc239d468570afed29a17e2fda3b1fee02b28f02ee7ed5141e46c
In action

Some translations: The color scheme selector:

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